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Learn about Investing in Real Estate, Financial Freedom and Paying Less Taxes
Join us for our Debt Reduction and Real Estate Investing Information Night Email or call us for Location and to get registered. Learn how to get your hard earned money to produce more BEFORE you lose 1/3 to taxes and 1/3 to interest. If you want to learn how to save on your taxes and write-off diapers to prom dresses come and watch one of our leaders in the investment industry as he shares the strategies of the wealthy Learn How to Legally & Ethically • Reduce Your Taxes by 2/3 Put Your Kids on Payroll and Pay for their School Supplies, Prom Dresses, Lunches and More You Don't have to be wealthy to use these Important Strategies In this Meet up we will also show you how to get started making money Investing in Real Estate right here in the Sacramento area. How to be Financially Free. We can show you how you can pay off your mortgage in 7-10 years. How to cut interest on other Loans. Learn how to acquire income producing properties that can have positive cash flow every month! The Market is changing, are you ready for the change? Meet other real estate investors and real estate professionals in our area. Learn how you can invest successfully on a full or part time basis. You will Meet Local Entrepreneurs with proven track records and Learn the secrets to financial freedom. This event is also listed in other places. We normally have between 20 and 30 new people at this event. Come Network with us!

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What we're about

This group brings Seasoned and Beginning Investors together. We are part of a local Real Estate Investing community. Our goal is to Educate and to help others achieve True financial freedom that allows you to live a life of abundance today, while creating a secure future. Looking for a Mentor? This is the place. We are local and understand the market. Weekly Classes to help you analyze deals. Monthly workshops on different aspects of Real Estate Investing. Everyone is welcome.

There are a number of other Meetup's that are part of the same Real Estate Investing Community. Each meet up is hosted by a community member that has their Own Business. We are all looking to expand our Team with new and seasoned investors.

Who Should Attend...

‣ You’re Looking to be a Part of a Real Estate Investing Team

‣ You’ve Always Wanted to Learn About Real Estate Investing

‣ You’re Looking to Make Additional Income for you and your Family

‣ You want More Time with your Family and Friends ‣ You’re Tired of the Real Estate Investor "Gurus" that comes into town

‣ You Want to Network with Like-Minded Individuals

‣ You’re a Realtor that Wants to Learn How to Work with Local Investors

‣ You Want to Learn How to Invest in Real Estate with None of your Own Money

‣ You Want to Build a Better Retirement

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