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Welcome to Toronto’s first and largest biohacking group.

Biohacking is going mainstream – if you’ve ever wondered if you can live well beyond the age of 100, enhance your memory and focus, boost your energy, productivity and overall body and mind performance, then this group is for you !

Whether you’re simply curious to learn more about what biohacking is all about, already started taking action to quantify and optimize your health, or you’re an advanced biohacker who has made significant changes – the purpose of this group is to bring like-minded people together who wish to optimize their body and mind to achieve optimal performance.

If biohacking sounds exciting to you, then join this group to grow the Biohacking & Longevity community in Toronto and Canada ! Come out and learn (or teach!), share and exchange experiences and ideas, network and have fun with other biohackers.

In the meantime check out these helpful resources,

1. The Ultimate Biohacking Reading List (https://bit.ly/2ZyGFuk) - 90+ page PDF, featuring top thought leaders, 80 book titles & descriptions, across 10 categories

2. Top 5 biohacking podcasts (https://bit.ly/2MQaIr1)

3. Top 10 talks on human longevity (https://bit.ly/2M7EUw5)

Happy reading & listening and look forward to meeting you at the next event !


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** Click “like” on "Canadian Biohacker (https://www.facebook.com/canadianbiohacker/)" page where the organizer of this group shares personal tips, experiences, and biohacks for maximizing your performance.

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2. Speak and Present – would you like to speak/present at a future event ? Do you know someone who would be great ? Please email oksana@canadianbiohacker.com

3. Venue / Sponsor– if you have a business, office, lab, or co-working space where you would like to host a Meetup, I’d love to hear from you as I’ll always be on the lookout for fresh and interesting venues. Please email oksana@canadianbiohacker.com

4. Spread the Word – know someone who’s into optimizing their health and wellbeing and living longer ? Send them the Meetup page.


Disclaimer: Biohacking & Longevity TO is an association of like-minded individuals with an appreciation for the complexity of the human body. Consult with a medical professional before following any recommendations or doing anything medical-related.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

To your health,


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