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Are you a biohacker ? A futurist ? A health tech entrepreneur? Are you interested in the latest research in human ageing, biotechnology, and bio-hacking your way to a longer AND healthier life ? Then this group is for you !

The science of biohacking and aging is catching up with the aspiration of ultra-long and youthful lives.

Over 200 companies are working on longevity solutions today and to give you a sense of investments being made into this space:

• Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle, has given >$330 million to research about aging and age-related diseases.

• Larry Page, Google parent company Alphabet’s CEO and co-founder, launched Calico, a research company that targets ways to improve the human lifespan.

• Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal, gave $7 million to the Methuselah Foundation, a nonprofit focused on life-extension therapies.

• Billionaire investor and entrepreneur Jim Mellon has identified longevity as possibly the hottest place to invest in the coming decade.

If biohacking sounds exciting to you, then join this group to grow the Biohacking & Longevity community in Toronto and Canada !

To get you started, here is a list of top 10 talks on human longevity (https://bit.ly/2M7EUw5) - check it out, written synopses included.

Looking forward to meeting you at the next event !


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Old School

Hey Biohacker ! Happy New Year ! So you've started to take action to optimize your health and vitality, through exercise, nutrition changes, improving sleep, etc. Perhaps you've even ran some lab tests to quantify your health. Or you've tried biohacking tools and devices. But, did you ever wish you could just somehow get together with other biohackers and compare experiences, ask questions and learn more about biohacks you've been thinking to try, and talk about new biohacking products on the market ? There just never seems to be enough time to connect and socialize with others at the end of talks, panels, and presentations. Well, we hear you and feel the same way ! We also think that some of the best connections are made over eats and beverages, so...Biohacking & Longevity TO is partnering with Old School restaurant (vegetarian options available) to host a FREE meetup event solely dedicated to facilitating new connections and sharing of biohacking experiences. Let's talk Biohacking, friends ! We'll have the whole place to ourselves, how exciting is that !? RSVP and don't miss this opportunity to come out and meet other biohackers in the area over a bite and a drink to learn, exchange experiences, questions, and tips. I can't wait to see you ! Oksana Andreiuk, @CanadianBiohacker

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