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MultiSpecies Salon
The Salon uses the term ‘posthuman’ to extend our perceptions of the human body both into the technological world and into the ecosystems we share with other entities. This definition creates an emergent ontology, a way to enable one’s mind to ‘become with’ other non-human perspectives. We use this term to traverse issues of ethics, social justice, social systems and trans-species communication this perceptually extended body brings about. In exploring such cross-species entanglements, we explore the places where the binary of culture and nature has broken down, where the relationships between humans and other entities create mutualism in shared ecologies. What framework do we use to describe these interactions, and what are the new possibilities that these spaces create? What do we discover when hierarchical, biological and cultural boundaries become fluid? What does human legacy look like if it is redefined to include pluralistic, cross-species success? We call on artists, experimenters, anthropologists, biologists, citizen-scientists and backyard inventors to explore new relationships between ecology, biology and technology. The Multispecies Symposium provides a platform for pundits from many fields to discuss, debate and share information. Artists and educators, anthropologists and biologists, will share space to expound upon themes ranging from flux ecology to inter-species relationships.


3060 Coronado Dr., · Santa Clara, CA

What we're about

We believe that innovations in biology should be
accessible, affordable, and open to everyone.

We’re building a community biology lab for
amateurs, inventors, entrepreneurs,
and anyone who wants to
experiment with friends.

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Opened in Sunnyvale, CA; Fall 2011! and in 2017 we moved to Santa Clara.

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Our successful Kickstarter campaign ( ) brought together volunteers and other biology enthusiasts eager to create a community lab, and they helped us raise over $35,000.

We are a 4100 sq. ft. facility in the heart of Silicon Valley. Come join us and see the next big thing to start in a Silicon Valley garage.

BioCurious is…

a complete working laboratory and technical library
for entrepreneurs to cheaply access
equipment, materials, and co-working space
a training center for biotechniques, with an emphasis on safety
a meeting place for citizen scientists, hobbyists,
activists, and students


Science is all around us. Many find a love for it at an early age, but few continue to learn after leaving educational institutions. For those who continue to seek to know, there is BioCurious. Curious about biology? Come to a meetup to find other like-minded folk!

BioCurious is a completely volunteer run non-profit organization. We serve the community by providing lab space and classes to members and the community.

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