What we're about

We believe that innovations in biology should be
accessible, affordable, and open to everyone.

We’re building a community biology lab for
amateurs, inventors, entrepreneurs,
and anyone who wants to
experiment with friends.

Welcome to BioCurious

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BioCurious Community Lab

Opened in Sunnyvale, CA; Fall 2011! and in 2017 we moved to Santa Clara.

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Our successful Kickstarter campaign ( http://biocurious.org/kickstarter ) brought together volunteers and other biology enthusiasts eager to create a community lab, and they helped us raise over $35,000.

We are a 6700 sq. ft. facility in the heart of Silicon Valley. Come join us and see the next big thing to start in a Silicon Valley garage.

BioCurious is…

a complete working laboratory and technical library
for entrepreneurs to cheaply access
equipment, materials, and co-working space
a training center for biotechniques, with an emphasis on safety
a meeting place for citizen scientists, hobbyists,
activists, and students


Science is all around us. Many find a love for it at an early age, but few continue to learn after leaving educational institutions. For those who continue to seek to know, there is BioCurious. Curious about biology? Come to a meetup to find other like-minded folk!

BioCurious is a completely volunteer run non-profit organization. We serve the community by providing lab space and classes to members and the community.

There are plenty of ways to get involved:

become a member

teach a class

take a class

donate your time, money

change the world

Upcoming events (5)

Weekly BioCurious-CCL COVID19 Zoom call

Online event

This is a weekly zoom call hosted by the Counter Culture Labs and BioCurious communities, for anyone interested in reviewing the week's science and news on COVID-19. We welcome your questions and are happy to discuss any articles or news you may have found.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, all BioCurious public meetings are ONLINE-ONLY. Please sign up for this free event on Meetup to see the Zoom connection info.

Open Insulin - Community Project

3108 Patrick Henry Dr

Developing the first open source protocol to produce insulin simply and economically. Our work may serve as a basis for generic production of this life-saving drug and provide a firmer foundation for continued research into improved versions of insulin.

This project was started at Counter Culture Labs, in Oakland and we will be collobarting formally working on the projects every Sunday. This is general meeting where we get updates from each of the teams 8 working groups. There is an onboarding meeting for new members to learn more in depth about the project, the last Sunday of the month at 10:30am PST.

Want to be involved? Join our mailing list at https://groups.google.com/group/ccl-insulin

Join us at: https://jitsi.openinsulin.org/OpenInsulin

Synthetic Biology, Biohacking & Cheese - Real Vegan Cheese Admin Night

The Real Vegan Cheese (https://realvegancheese.org/) project is an award-winning collaboration between Counter Culture Labs and our sister lab BioCurious (http://www.biocurious.org/) in Sunnyvale, to make real cheese without using any animals!

Real Vegan Cheese is a not a cheese substitute! It all starts with regular old baker's yeast. Through synthetic biology, we engineer our yeast to become milk-protein factories. Our milk proteins are then combined with water and vegan oil to make Vegan Milk which is ultimately converted into Real Vegan Cheese through standard cheese-making processes - just like cheese made from cow or goat milk!

We alternate Admin and Science meetups every other week. This week will be an Admin meeting, so expect to talk about website design, business plans, improving our outreach efforts on social media, and more. Want more science instead, then join us next week.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, all public meetings have shifted to ONLINE-ONLY. Please sign in on Meetup to see the Zoom connection info.

Biotech Teen Teacher Summit/Orientation

Online event

Join us for an introduction to the Teens Teaching Teens Program (http://bit.ly/tttbiocurious).

Teens Teaching Teens is a peer-to-peer biotechnology teaching community that seeks to empower the next generation of scientists by increasing the accessibility of science education. For the past few months, we at the TTT Student Board have been revitalizing the program to be student-run and student-led.

Teens Teaching Teens is always looking for new teachers. If you are interested in science and sharing that interest with other teens, please fill out our application as well as a class proposal. Please join us for this meeting on April 24th from 10 AM to 12 PM PST to learn more about the Teencher Program.

Please note TTT is a student-led organization. Hours will be informal and varying but you will be able to collaborate with other Teens on the projects. Join and get valuable teaching experience and, of course, Volunteering Hours!

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