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Saturday Morning Science: Sundials

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Price: $30.00 /per person
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10 am to noon
Taught by Mark Kent


Sundials are timekeeping devices that tell the time by the position of the Sun. Sundials consist of the surface marked with lines indicating the hours of the day, and a gnomon, which is a thin rod or a sharp, straight edge and is the part that casts a shadow onto the surface. The edge of the shadow cast by the gnomon lines up with hour-lines on the surface as the sun moves across the sky.

We will be building and learning to read a sundial.


Price is per child attending, parent or guardian can attend class with child for no additional fee. $30 for non-members, $20 for members of BioCurious*


Saturday Morning Science is for ages 5 and up. Under 7 require an adult present to assist them with the lab.

*If you are a member please let us know and we will sign you up and send you directions how to pay

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