Engineered Immunity: chimeric antigen receptor T cells and cancer treatment


Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cells are a hot new cancer treatment, for which the body's own cytotoxic immune cells are genetically re-engineered to target tumor cells with very high potency.

So how does the treatment work, how effective is it, what are the side effects, and how is synthetic biology being used to tune the activity of the newest generation of CAR T cell products? We'll explore (1) how these cells are created, (2) how their chimeric antigen receptors work, and (3) some of the results coming out of the clinic.

Basic knowledge of cell biology is recommended for the first two parts (if the material in this video makes sense to you, you're probably good:


Speaker: Geoff Ivison is a PhD student in immunology at Stanford, but CAR T cells are not his primary area of expertise--so he's a relatively informed amateur in this subject.

Price: We suggest a $10 donation for this talk, but it is open to all