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Biotech for Teens by Teens

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Biotechnology for Teens by Teens (Cost: Free)

School science courses not fullfuilling your curiosity? Want more hands-things to do? Want laboratory experience? Want to be a scientist? Then this class will be perfect for you!

Get kids interested in biology and science.
Give hands-on experience in the laboratory setting. Learn about DNA and its importance to biology.

What we will be doing
Learn about DNA's structure, function, and importance to Biology. We will be conducting GFP (green flourescent protein), pDusk, and pDawn (light controlled florescent protiens) transformations in bacteria. (Inserting certain DNA sequences into bacteria to make them change colors). This will show students why and how DNA affects organisms. Taught by teenagers experienced in this field (supervised by trained adults).

No experience required - for middle & high school students ONLY
Cost: Free