CRISPR Cas9 In Depth Lab & Lecture Series

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Curious about CRISPR? This simple genome editing technology is changing the face of biotech as we speak, and labs all over the world are finding new ways to incorporating CRISPR into their goals because it is the most elegant in vivo experimental editing mechanism known. This class will show you exactly how it works and why everyone wants in!

Session 1
We will learn the fundamentals of the CRISPR-Cas9 system, understanding everything from the native system to the nuances of implementing CRISPR in eukaryotic cells. This session will be packed with molecular biology concepts, and will provide a big picture idea of how to go about designing your own CRISPR experiment.

Session 2:
We will build on those scientist skills and discuss more CRISPR literature to start off the day. After a walkthrough on some key lab skills and techniques, we will be conducting an actual bacterial CRISPR experiment! Our conceptual focus for this session will be building a strong understanding of standard experiments run to verify and test a CRISPR system.

Session 3:
We will take a take a look at the results of our CRISPR experiment from the previous session and go over some troubleshooting tips. We will discuss CRISPR’s rapidly growing dominance in biotechnology and take a look at the current debate in bioethics. Our focus will be taking what we’ve learned about CRISPR and applying this knowledge to real world problems.

Session 1: Saturday, August 6 9 AM - 1PM (4 hours)

Session 2: Saturday, August 13 9 AM - 1PM (4 hours)

Session 3: Sunday, August 14 9 AM - 12PM (3 hours)

Participants are expected to attend all three sessions. The class fee covers all three sessions and all materials used in the class.

Age Range: 13+ (ie HS and up), Familiarity with molecular biology (DNA, RNA, central dogma) recommended

Price: $100 **(Member price $75, please contact us to register for this class if you are a member)**

Because we are working in the lab we require all attendees wear closed toe shoes, with long hair tied back.