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Dr. Bruce Conklin - CRISPRi Genome Surgery

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Eric H. and Anette


Guest Lecturer Dr. Bruce Conklin,

MD Professor & Senior Investigator Department of Medicine Gladstone Institute of Cardiovascular Disease

Bruce R. Conklin MD, is an Investigator at the Gladstone Institutes and a Professor in the UCSF Division of Genomic Medicine. Dr. Conklin’s research focuses on human genetics that lead to cardiovascular diseases, such as cardiac arrhythmias and cardiomyopathy. His major model system is induced pluripotent (iPS) cells that are engineered to test the role of specific genetic changes on disease.

Lecture Topic

CRISPR and Stem Cells: disease mechanism and genome surgery.

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3060 Coronado Dr · Santa Clara, CA
How to find us

We will be in the lecture area of BioCuroius

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