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Cuttle Wranglin': Studying RNA Editing of Dwarf Cuttlefish

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Eric H. and 2 others


Every other Tuesday at 7:30pm

Meetings will be hosted at Counter Culture Labs (CCL) and BioCurious.

Cuttle Wranglin': Studying the RNA Editing capabilities of the dwarf cuttlefish

This is an ongoing meeting of a group of citizen scientists that aim to dive deep into the genome of Sepia bandensis (dwarf cuttlefish). Our plan is to perform genome and transcriptome analysis of this species, ultimately leading to the identification of highly edited RNA transcripts. We hope to leave with a clear picture of experimental design but we hope to find a correlation between changing environmental conditions and RNA editing capabilities. For added fun, the edited proteins can be expressed and analyzed for structure and function!

THIS COMMUNITY PROJECT IS OPEN TO: all community members seeking to dive deep into genome/transcriptome analysis. Attendees must be middle school aged or older.

If you have bioinformatics or cuttle wranglin' experience or experience setting up and managing a reef tank, your participation would be greatly valued!
BioCurious Inc
3060 Coronado Dr. Santa Clara CA · Santa Clara, CA
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