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Quantum Biology - Community Project

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Maria C. and Nikola N.


This is a new community project to investigate and learn about Quantum Biology.

What is Quantum Biology? It refers to applications of quantum mechanics to biological objects and problems. Usually, it is taken to refer to applications of the "non-trivial" quantum features such as superposition, nonlocality, entanglement and tunneling, as opposed to the "trivial" but ubiquitous quantum mechanical nature of chemical bonding, ionization, and other phenomena that are the basis of the fundamental biophysics and biochemistry of organisms.

We will be learning as a group and working on hardware and computational issues.

Our initial goal is to make Quantum Salinity Detector, which is a first step to creating a quantum device and this will be a first step at designing and calibrating a device. We are working on a Surface Plasmon Resonance device.

This meeting is open to all ages, and free to attend.
BioCurious Inc
3060 Coronado Dr. Santa Clara CA · Santa Clara, CA
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