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Transcendental Meditation - The Research & Effects of TM With Ria Kinzel
Ria Kinzel from the Calgary TM Centre ( will be providing us with the unique aspects and benefits of Transcendental Meditation (TM). Within the biohacking community, TM is one of (if not the biggest) forms of meditation practiced by biohackers worldwide. It was only fitting to get Ria in for one of our meetings as TM is a little-understood technique to manage stress, anxiety, and other related illnesses. As usual, participation is free, & our venue is the Work Nicer Co-working Space (6th floor, 630 8th Ave SW - across the street from the BMO sign. See map at right.). NOTE: Please show up on time too. There will be someone at the front door to let you in up until a few minutes past 7:00 (as the doors lock after hours). If you're stuck outside, text me, Burt at[masked] and I'll have someone run down as soon as possible. WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: - How TM uses the natural tendency of the mind rather than trying to control it. - How TM enables the mind to transcend giving the deepest possible level of rest. - How TM releases pent-up stress - stress that causes 85% of disease. - The holistic nature of TM – improving all aspects of mental & physical activity. - The factors that support maximum self-actualization (a la Maslow). - The effects on specific areas of the brain as measured by MRIs and EEG readings - The differences created by different types of meditation - Research relating to health, enhanced immune systems, longevity etc. WHO THIS PRESENTATION IS FOR: - Anyone who struggles with stress, insomnia, depression, PTSD, ADHD, autism spectrum, addiction, etc - Anyone who'd like to create a deeper sense of self. - And anyone who'd like a more peaceful, relaxing lifestyle. - Anyone who'd like to get a better understanding of TM & meditation in general. ABOUT OUR GUEST: Ria Kinzel has been practicing Transcendental Meditation since 1975. She immigrated to Canada from South Africa in 1965, first teaching Inuit students in the Far North and then pre-school and elementary students in Edmonton for 20 years. In 1996, she and her husband, Cliff, moved to Fairfield, Iowa, centre of the Transcendental Meditation movement in the United States. There she taught high school English and critical thinking at the Maharishi School, where all students and staff meditate twice a day, and the occasional university course. At the same time, she earned an M.A. and Ph.D. in Vedic Science (which relates subjective Vedic research and the objective research of western science) at Maharishi University of Management. She also has an M.A. in English from Carleton and a B.Ed. from the University of Alberta. She trained as a TM teacher in 2010 and, subsequently spent six months on a Transcendental Meditation school project in South Africa. Then she moved to Calgary to teach Transcendental Meditation, which she has been doing with great enjoyment ever since. She also enjoys walking in the mountains, running a poetry workshop, reading detective stories and mind/brain research, and spending time with her granddaughters. LINKS: - Calgary TM’s site: - About Ria Kinzel: - Ria Kinzel Contact: [masked] - More about TM:

Work Nicer Coworking - Stephen Ave

#600 630 8 Avenue SW · Calgary, AB

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