Healing Sound Bath


Soundbaths are 'sonic immersions' - no water involved! Participants lie comfortably on mats and cushions on the floor and fully relax for 45 mins to the sounds of quartz crystal and Himalayan singing bowls and gongs. The distinctively soothing sounds provide space for the busy mind and tense body to start unwinding, letting go of stress and becoming fully focused in the moment of deep rest. A unique experience suitable for all except those with epilepsy and those in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Kate Hall is a qualified Sound Therapist (British Academy of Sound Therapy,[masked]), Yoga instructor and bodywork practitioner - (INstar Holistic Health) with 10 years plus experience working with diverse groups in workshops and classes and providing one to one treatments.

Part of the Autumn Well-being festival
£3-5 suggested donation