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This group is for all things Bitcoin, blockchain and digital currencies. From what Bitcoins are, accepting payment via Bitcoins, to mining Bitcoins, and what the blockchain can bring.

If you would like to become an official sponsor of the group, please visit http://www.bitcoinbrisbane.com.au/meetup-sp ... for more details.

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2019 Xmas Party!

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The 2019 Bitcoin Brisbane Xmas party is shaping up nicely to be the crypto event of the year! Details: 2:00pm onward - Bar tab open to all guests, however Blockchain Australia members will be entitled to a greater range. Non members (or hodlers), will be limited to beers and house wines. Canapés will be served throughout. This year’s sponsors (so far) and thanks to others who have added to the tip jar! Bitcoin Brisbane $500 towards canapés https://www.bitcoinbrisbane.com.au Crypto Consulting Institute $250 in BTC towards canapés http://cryptoconsultinginstitute.com.au/ Brisbane WIB/Civic Ledger $500 towards the bar tab https://civicledger.com/ BSV $100 towards the bar tab http://coinstorage.guru Digital Surge $500 towards canapés https://digitalsurge.com.au/ TravelByBit $500 towards canapés https://travelbybit.com/ Future Blackboard $500 towards towards canapés https://www.futureblackboard.com/ Tip Jar (BTC) 1N5wK7vb13PDG24PQBtkN5BmN7M5tFHuf1 Or (BCH) 1M86anfgaEsZPZiY88Uh64cjwT1dX3qFJD

OpenBazaar 2.0 Launch Party!
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The Capital Fishburners

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