What we're about

At Blind Movie Club, we watch movie AT RANDOM.

The process:
- Look for new movies that are opening. The idea is to see movies on opening day so there is minimal information about them. No reviews, no IMDB ratings, no word of mouth, nothing.
- Put list of movies in a spreadsheet
- Use a random number generator to pick a movie
- Watch that movie!

Stuff to avoid:
- No trailers (cover your eyes and plug your ears when trailers come on before other movies)
- No TV commercials (which are basically short trailers)
- No reading reviews
- No watching reviews on youtube. No reviews period.
- No talking with friends about it beforehand.
- No looking at box office rankings. (Ideally pick movies before box office rankings exist).
- No looking at who the actors/actresses are, who the director is, or anything else.
- You get the idea. Zero prior information about the movie.

Think of this as the ultimate in "spoiler avoidance". Not only is the goal to avoid spoiling the ending of movies, but to avoid spoiling the middle and beginning as well, and even the premise, and who the cast is or the director or anything else about the movie, and even the genre, and -- ha, I was going to say, and even the rating, but that's impossible, you pretty much need to know the title and rating. The ultimate would be to be able to say stuff like, "Go to Harkin Theaters at 4:40pm on Saturday and go to theater 14.". But you need to know the name of the movie just to buy the tickets. So the name and the rating will be known beforehand.

You walk into the theater, and have no idea what's about to happen.

I'm doing it! Who's with me? Who else is signing up for the "blind movie club"?

Past events (87)

Trial By Fire

AMC Westminster Promenade 24

Mia and the White Lion

5550 Wadsworth Blvd

Alita: Battle Angel

Regal Cinemas Continental 10

Mary and the Witch's Flower

UA Colorado Mills Stadium 16 + IMAX