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What we’re about

We are a group of investors who aren't afraid to use out-of-box, innovative strategies for our deals. We typically see 20-90 investors each meeting, for networking and learning new creative strategies to real estate.
By utilizing creative strategies, we are able to get more deals done.
Here is just a few examples of what we learn at our weekly luncheons:

  1. Apartment Syndications
  2. Seller/Owner Carry
  3. Lease Options
  4. Subject To
  5. Private Lending
  6. Investing with your Retirement Account
  7. Investing Out of State
  8. Ways of Increasing your Credit Score
  9. Wholesaling
  10. The "Personal Banking Strategy"
  11. Marketing your Business on Line
  12. Self Storage Investing 101
  13. Assisted Living Residences
  14. "BRRRR Strategy" How to Fix & Hold
  15. How and When to offer Creative Financing Options
  16. 1031 Exchange 17) Cost Segregation 18) Self Directed Retirement Accounts
  17. Title Issues
    For us, it is important to have a network of other people who have opened their minds to the same.

This group is for anyone who wants to learn more about how to do deals creatively.
Anyone who is already doing these deals.
Anyone, who wants to be involved with real estate, with little money and little credit.
Anyone who would like to partner with those doing creative real estate. \

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