What we're about

Let’s Play boardgames together!
This group is open to anybody at all ages!

List of Boardgames:

-Saboteur 1
-Saboteur 2
-King of Tokyo
-King of New York
-Stone Age with Expansion
-Small World Original
-Small World Underground
-Small World Realms
-The Resistance (base set + hidden agenda expansion)
-Machi Koro original
-Machi Koro Harbor expansion (never played)
-Machi Koro Millionaire's Row
-Agricola (never played)
-Sheriff of Nottingham
-Istanbul (never played)
-Star Wars X-Wing (needs a big table)
-7 Wonders
-Forbidden Stars Warhammer 4000
-Smash Up
-Bang! The Card Game
-Bang! The Dice Game
-三国杀 with expansions
-Monopoly Deal Card Game
-Settlers of Catan (never played)
-Ultimate Werewolf deluxe edition
-Welcome to the Dungeon (never played)
-Cockroach Poker
-One night ultimate werewolf
-One night ultimate werewolf daybreak (never played)
-One night ultimate alien
-One night ultimate vampire (never played)
-Mascarade (with expansion)
-11 nimmt
-Salem 1962
-The Singaporean Dream
-Loot deluxe tin card game
-Deep sea adventure (DIY version)
-Jungle Speed
-Samurai Sword with Rising Sun Expansion

Past events (2)

Let’s Play Boardgames on 27Sep2019!

Subway @ Bukit Panjang Plaza

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