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The BocaJS group is here to represent the best that South Florida can bring to the world's best Language (Javascript). And any else web related as well!

In addition to vanilla java script, we'll be looking at frameworks such as Node, AngularJS (1, 1.5 AND 2,4,5,6,.... 7 beta? ), Ember.js, jQuery, ReactJS and Ionic.

Founded in September 2014 by Adam & Hector, and Run currently by Damian Montero and Jermbo Lawson this group continues to grow and thrive.

You can find out more at our many Social links:
Twitter: @BocaJS (http://twitter.com/bocajs)
Youtube: BocaJS (http://videos.bocajs.org)
Website: BocaJS.org (https://bocajs.org/)

IMPORTANT: This group has been created as a resource for developers. We do welcome meeting sponsors for an opportunity to reach out to members, please contact us for the details.

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IoT & Arduino with Javascript!!!

Needs a location

Come play with over 30 Arduino and other IoT kits. Learn how you can use Javascript and Node to create the kind of projects you've only ever dreamed about. We will have a speaker that will show us the basics, but there'll be a lot of networking and discussions and you'll have HANDS ON with all sorts of different kids all running javascript or being controlled with Node. If you want to learn how to use your own Arduino projects do look out for our Node Bot Days even at the end of the month. This will be an introductory event, but it will NOT be just you looking at someone doing it or seeing some power points slides. It's ALL hands on. So clean your hands after you have the pizza! Our amazing Sponsors with provide Pizza and Drinks and we'll have a raffle at the end of the night with the new Win.BocaJS.org Our Sponsors are (as always) Gravity IT Recruiters were they'll not only FIND your new dream job. They'll PAY YOU to help you find your FRIENDS their own dream jobs: https://gravityitresources.com/careers/

Boca JS - Monthly Meeting - TBD

Cendyn Spaces, in the Atrium

This month as always, on the first of the month, We'll meetup to discussion different topics, have free pizza and drinks and listen from great speakers. This month we'll be without our main organizer (Damian Montero) which will be searching for himself in Machu Picchu, but I'm sure he'll find himself enough for the event at the end of the month. Our amazing co-organizer Jermbo will take the reins so be prepared to see the kind of amazing event that he usually runs up in Palm Beach for Palm Beach JS. As always our amazing sponsors; Gravity IT Resources will be providing you with Pizza and Drinks and MORE importantly... FREE CASH for anyone you pass on to them that they find a job for. And unlike the OTHER recruiting firms they'll give it to you in CASH!!!

4th Annual International NodeBots Day 2018

General Provision Downtown

It's July again and time for making JavaScript-controlled robots. It's South Florida's 3rd annual International NodeBotsDay! The focus of NodeBots Day is on sharing and enjoying each other's company. And JavaScript. Lots of JavaScript. This year we're joining with Palm Beach JS (https://www.meetup.com/Palm-Beach-Javascript) and MiamiJS (https://www.meetup.com/MiamiJS) to create one of south Florida's largest JavaScript event. Microsoft’s Cloud Developer Advocacy team ( https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/advocates ) is sponsoring BOTH our events and there will be Kits given out to the first dozen of so groups including : Arduino (ESP8266 D1 Mini's) and lots of electronic parts (from LEDs, to resistors, to switches, to transistors) to use during the event. This event is friendly for all ages and experience levels. There will be kits to use during the day but you are MORE than welcome to bring your own parts to make a NodeBot of your choosing. Check out the photos from last year's event: https://www.meetup.com/BocaJS/photos/29112765/473290342 Learn more about NodeBots: http://nodebots.io Our github page for this event contains all documents, downloads and instructions on what to do. But there will be many of us ready to help and there WILL be an introduction and live showcase of what to do and how to do it! https://github.com/bocajs/NodeBotDays Reach out to us if you or your company are interested in sponsoring this event! YOUR OWN LAPTOP IS NEED! but ANY laptop will do no matter how OLD or NEW. I am bringing an 8 year old Laptop with 2GB of memory!!!!! You can bring ANYTHING! Schedule: 9am-10am - FIND a table with a Arudion kit that WE provide (or bring your own). Setup your Laptop and make it BLINK!!!!!! 11am-2pm - Work on something fun cause you'll be showing it off! 2pm - Show off what you've build. 3pm - Snacks and Winners are announce with a special prize for the top 3 Parking: Parking around the General Provision Downtow is not free. but it's cheap. GITHUB Page with code here: https://github.com/bocajs/NodeBotDays

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Making Games with Javascript - Presented by Praveen Yalamanchi

Cendyn Spaces, in the Atrium

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