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BocaJS,Palm Beach JavaScript, and React Broward are combining forces to make FloridaJS!

The FloridaJS group is here to represent the best that Florida can bring to the world's best Language (Javascript). And any else web related as well!

In addition to vanilla JavaScript, we'll be looking at frameworks such as Node, AngularJS (1, 1.5 AND 2,4,5,6,.... 7 beta? ), Vue.js, ReactJS and even the king jQuery.

You can find out more at our many Social links:
Youtube: FloridaJS (https://www.youtube.com/floridajs)
Website: FloridaJS.com (https://floridajs.com/)

IMPORTANT: This group has been created as a resource for developers. We do welcome meeting sponsors for an opportunity to reach out to members, please contact us for the details.

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FloridaJS - Rey Bango: Are Your Apps Safe? How Hackers play with your Apps

THIS EVEN WILL BE ONLINE using Zoom: https://meet.floridajs.com#

Yes, your apps can be hacked. In this session we'll discuss some of the common attacks used by threat actors to gain access to your servers via your applications. We'll also dig into ways to scan for them and discuss how to mitigate the risks.

Rey Bango is a Director of Developer and Security Relations at Veracode.
Founding member of the Jquery Project Team.
Senior Security Advocate and Principal Developer Advocate Lead at Microsoft
Director, Developer Relations at Telerik

As always: We're sponsored by JetBrains and the Tech Hub South Florida.
Stay tuned to the end of the event for a free give away

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