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Meet individuals, practitioners, and leaders, interested in the Wholistic (body mind spirit) approach to health and living! Join if you are interested in subjects like: herbal remedies, nutrition, energy healing, acupuncture, bodyworks, yoga, power of prayer, healing music and all forms of alternative health that enhance our life! Members will meet like minded people and find events, seminars, workshops and community gatherings that support their whole being! The meetup is sponsored by: www.bodymindspiritguide.com

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Meditation & Mindful Musings

Unity of Livonia

Meditation & Mindful Musings Our Wednesday evening gathering includes a time of deep meditation, spiritual discussion and self-discovery. Guest speakers facilitate this event. Whether you meditate regularly or are new...this Meetup is for you. We hope you'll join us and feel free to bring a friend! Namaste. 'Like' our Facebook page for more updates @UnityofLivonia

Transmission Meditation — A Meditation for the New Age

Enlightened Soul Center

During transmission meditation, humanity's elder brothers, known in the East as the Masters of Wisdom, direct energies from the highest spiritual planes through the energy center chakras of the group's members. This creates a pool of energy that is more accessible and useful to humanity and the other kingdoms of nature. Then based on their greater understanding of the world, the Masters redirect this stepped-down energy to wherever it is needed most at this moment in time. Transmission meditation is safe, scientific, non-denominational, and unbelievably potent. Their is never any fee to participate. It will enhance your personal meditations and any other service activity in which you may be engaged. Many people report that they experience and demonstrate love more easily and their minds are more stimulated and creative. It is simply a giving of oneself in service to the world. In return of selfless giving, one's own spiritual development is heightened. What one might achieve in many years of meditation would probably be achieved in one year of steady transmission work. This will begin with a non-denominational prayer called The Great Invocation and then focus on the Ajna center (third eye chakra) and OM for the duration of one hour. This group is an extension of another group that can be attended on different days if so chosen. This information will be shared at meditation. This free meditation will be ongoing every Thursday, guided by Amy Feger and occasionally by Andrew Black. Guest speakers will be invited to share deeper insights into this study, and a deeper understanding that man and God are one, that there is no separation. Namaste! COST: Free QUESTIONS: Amy Feger, [masked] FOR MORE INFO: https://www.transmissionmeditation.org/

Intuition Class - 8 Thursdays

Enlightened Soul Center

EVERYONE has intuition! Have fun discovering yours to help you with information, decision-making, and guidance for yourself and/or others. It’s our birthright, our internal GPS, our 6th sense that uses the other five senses — plus dreams, synchronicities, and other means to communicate with us. It's more than just predicting the future; in fact, that is only ONE aspect of intuition. Whether you were a psychic child, are having visions or hearing things now, or are just curious and wanting to explore, NOW is the time to decode the messages and learn what you can do! Safe exploration with like-minded others provides a powerful experience. Join us!! 8-CLASS SERIES ~ Summer 2019 For all levels of ability! 8 Thursdays, 6:30–9:00 PM June 20-Aug 15, 2019* (Skip July 4) *As soon as the minimum 6 students are registered Pre-registration required! $200 (equivalent to $25/class) Credit and debit cards accepted; payment plans available Contact Amy at[masked] or [masked] with questions. "As a beginner in trying out my intuition, I thought this class rocked!" — Chris, Metro Detroit SAMPLE of TOPICS to BE COVERED: * Types of “clair senses” (e.g., clairvoyance/clear seeing; clairaudience/clear hearing…) * Understanding of intention/sources (spirit guides, angels, Higher Self/soul) * Meeting a spirit guide to work with * Grounding and protection * Exercises to test and open clair senses (e.g., psychometry, telepathy) * Confirmation tools * Reading a person's photo * Exploration of the various ways that intuition speaks to us * How to tell when it’s intuition and not our own personality or ego mind * Ways to access intuitive information REGISTER & READ MORE at: https://www.enlightenedsoulcenter.com/level-1-intuition-development/ TESTIMONIALS: "I was amazed at my abilities, and comforted knowing that I am always receiving information from my guides. Thank you for helping me build my confidence!" — K.J., Livonia “I learned a lot. I liked learning about confirmational tools. Loved the psychometry!” — Sahani, Southfield “I have really enjoyed the learnings/ exercises/validation as well as the comfortable and super-supportive environment and people. I can't wait for Level 2!" — Chi B. ABOUT AMY GARBER Amy is a intuitive reader, channel, and medical intuitive who consults the Akashic Record, spirit guides, and past lives in her readings, which she has been offering to the public since 2000. She is co-director of the Enlightened Soul Center, senior director of the biannual Enlightened Soul Expo, and co-founder/director of the Intuitives Interactive group. Chosen by Crazy wisdom Bookstore & Tea Room to be featured on a 2013 Ann Arbor episode of HGTV's "Househunters," Amy perfectly described the house that would be purchased. She has been offering a variety of intuition classes since 2015 and some of her students have gone on to become professional psychic readers!

Course in Miracles

Unity of Livonia

"A Course in Miracles (the course) is a unique spiritual document: a self- instructional textbook, eloquent in its loveliness and level of psychological sophistication. It's a modernized spiritual classic regarded by many as the most important book since the Bible." - Jon Mundy Join us in exploring this classic spiritual masterpiece into the nature of reality!

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Sound Healing Concerts - 2nd & 3rd Sunday

Enlightened Soul Center


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