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Meet individuals, practitioners, and leaders, interested in the Wholistic (body mind spirit) approach to health and living! Join if you are interested in subjects like: herbal remedies, nutrition, energy healing, acupuncture, bodyworks, yoga, power of prayer, healing music and all forms of alternative health that enhance our life! Members will meet like minded people and find events, seminars, workshops and community gatherings that support their whole being! The meetup is sponsored by: www.bodymindspiritguide.com

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Intuitive Healing for Self-Care 3-Class Series with Lori Irvin - Evenings

Enlightened Soul Center & Shop


Intuitive Healing for Self-Care 3-Class Series with Lori Irvin

Wednesdays ~ June 7, 14 and 21
6:00 PM ~ 7:30 PM
at Enlightened Soul Center, 2711 Carpenter Rd. Ann Arbor

Early bird price 111$ before May 11
Regular price: 140$
Pay by Venmo to @Lori-Irvin-ZSource
or register here https://www.enlightenedsoulcenter.com/intuitive-healing-for-self-care-classes

Renowned Healer Reverend Lori Irvin has been teaching classes for over 10 years and decided to make sure that those available in the daytime have a chance to work with her on Self-Care Healing.

In these beginner classes, participants will learn Self-Healing techniques to ground, connect, manage, and play with Energy, identify how, when, and where Energy comes to you, what it may feel like, and when and how to utilize it.

Since we all have the capability to heal, Lori designed the series to connect with the healing abilities YOU already possess and added some tools and techniques to start your self-care healing journey.

More about Lori:
Lori is a Medical Intuitive Healer, a Holy-Fire Reiki Master & Occupational Therapist that specializes in reducing or eliminating physical and emotional pain.

Known as an "Extractor" and Energetic Surgeon, she helps remove old energy that no longer serves you and replaces it with Healing Color Energy.

Her clients have reported reductions in pain and anxiety; a healthier brain and thought pattern, clarity, and calmness; along with a new sense of lightness and peace.

Personal sessions may include the removal of blocked Energy or Cords, Energetic Surgery, Inner Child work, Chakra Balancing, Self-Love Healing, and more. Crystal, Vibration, and Sound Energy all may be used in conjunction with Color Energy to help you achieve True Transformative Healing.

You can learn more about her at ZSourceConnection.com

Thursday Ashtanga Yoga Flow

CenterPeace Healing and Event Center

In this class you’ll flow through Sun Salutations and complete a defined series of standing, balancing, and seated postures held for five cycles of breath. Ashtanga utilizes Ujjayyi breathing or victorious breath, as your source of focus and power.

Ashtanga Yoga links 4 of the 8 limbs of yoga in one practice. The aim is to create harmony in our physical (posture), energetic (breath), emotional (withdrawal of senses), and mental (concentration) aspects of our being as a human. This class will end with meditation, the 5th link in the 8 limbs.

All levels are welcome.

~ Improve flexibility
~ Increase body awareness
~ Build physical & mental strength
~ Develop body-breath connection
~ Engage joints/muscles of entire body
~ Calm mind and nervous system
~ Promote mental clarity & inner peace
~ Feel deeper connection to self

About the teacher:
Maysaa is a student of life and teaches from the heart. She found her way onto the yogic path through an extracurricular course during her time at Wayne State University, where she earned her BS in Psychology- and a new perspective on being. Yoga taught her self-acceptance and the power of the present moment. Science proved to her that the effects of yogic techniques can be tested, and recent research has found it to be incredibly effective.

Maysaa is passionate about making a difference no matter how small. Her intention is to help each student benefit in their own unique way and to create lasting change within themselves that will ripple out into the world around them. She invites students to the practice as they are, recognizing their current abilities and limitations without judgement to discover and reach their full potential.

“The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.”
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Price: $15
Tickets: centerpeacehealing.com

Connecting to Spirit: Discover & Develop Your Gifts with Nikki Wisniewski

Enlightened Soul Center & Shop


Connecting to Spirit: Discover & Develop Your Gifts with Nikki Wisniewski

June 8, 6:30-8:30 pm at Enlightened Soul Center & Shop, 2711 Carpenter Rd. Ann Arbor
Cost: 33$
Register here: https://nmwunveiled.com/spirit-class

Messages are all around us - a light pops on or off unexpectedly, the phone rings just as you were thinking of someone, that dream that keeps recurring, you are seeing repeating numbers everywhere, or maybe you are just feeling more aware and connected! We all have natural gifts and abilities, but are often unaware of them. This class helps you open up to your connection, discover and develop your natural abilities, explore what these messages are, where they come from, and the ways we can connect to receive our messages. Come demystify your magic!

- Sources of guidance and messages
- The many ways messages come through
- Protection and boundaries
- Receiving & interpreting messages
- Engaging intentionally with spirit
- Exercises for your development

About Nikki Wisniewski
As an author, teacher, and guide, Nikki has shared her intuitive gifts her entire life. She’s an experienced and sought-after reader who is known for an approachable, conversational style that puts new and returning clients at ease. Her readings provide deep insight and clarity. Nikki has written and taught on a range of topics, including publishing books on dream symbols and dream analysis. Some of her additional topics include signs and symbology, intuitive arts, energy, crystals, and divination tools.

Nikki’s unique style and approach reflects the balance between her corporate experience and degrees, a Bachelor of Engineering and Master of Data Analytics, with many years of experience and study in all things metaphysical. She can perfectly blend the intuitive, spiritual connection and insight with grounded applicable messages that allow her clients to discover, develop, and integrate their own gifts and abilities. Her life’s mission is to demystify the magic through educating and enabling individuals to trust their gifts and guts

Freedom in Motion - TROY

2609 Crooks Rd

Hello Souls and Cells! I am Heather and I really want to share Freedom in Motion with you.

Freedom in Motion was developed from my profound healing experiences through connected movement. When I say connected movement, my mind steps to the side and simply observes as my body unwinds information and emotions. This benefits my overall well-being and contributes to shedding limiting beliefs and conditioning, while supporting my journey in living.

Freedom in Motion is a connected movement experience. I do not refer to it as dancing. I say this because I believe the word dancing is typically associated with either expressions of "happy, joyous, or celebratory" emotions, or with an expectation of choreography. This is not a dance class. You do not need experience with dancing for this event. There are no judgements, no comparisons, and no correct or incorrect movements or emotions.

This is a self-paced, self-discovery experience. Truly, your participation comes from and evolves through your relationship with your body in movement.

As you consider signing up, I have some questions for you to contemplate:
~How often do you listen to or ignore your body in a single day?
~Do you hear your inner voice loud and clear?
~Are you feeling stuck in your current state of being?
~Do you wish to discover and shed limiting conditioning organically?
~Do you want to set freedom in motion?

The mission for Freedom in Motion is to willingly put yourself into an experience where you will discover more of yourself through movement, where you will challenge your limitations and your blockages.

You will challenge your comfort zones.

Within our comfort zones we feel safe; an intentionally created comfort zone can be incredibly healing. I support comfort zones. However, if we never leave that comfort zone, we do miss opportunities to grow, to challenge and shed limiting conditioning. We become under-stimulated, numb...stagnant. This can lead to experiences like self-sabotage, depression, dissatisfaction, and dis-ease.

Through connected movement, we practice attuning to our individual flow of experiencing and expressing.

Freedom in Motion is for breaking through and releasing stagnant energy, suppressed emotions and un-faced fears. These fears could include: being seen by those participating in the class; taking up space; moving forward in life; following your heart; losing control—or many others. If you allow yourself to click into a self observation mode during the class, you'll potentially discover where these fears show up in your everyday life, where these beliefs might've come from, and what you might need in order to shed these limitations and develop beyond them. In turn, you will expand your comfort zone.

Yay for an even bigger comfort zone!

Through this experience you may also cultivate a deep appreciation for your own body, which will develop into a compassionate and loving mental state of being. This may translate into nurturing trust for yourself in life, belief in your intuition, and an overall elevated perspective of living.

Give yourself permission to move in connection with your body.

Our bodies and our souls are in a relationship meant to be utilized. We are not our bodies: we are the souls that experience through the body. This is why we must remember to live with the understanding that the body is our partner in life.

Freedom in Motion will assist in learning how to listen to your body, let it react, express and guide you in living.

I am also excited to share the practice of talking to our cells. I will guide participants through an example of "cell talk" during a Circle of Cells. This class offers you the chance to practice listening to all the information your collective of cells absorb throughout every day—all the tension, all the emotional energy, all the outside stimulation, all the reactions to the foods you consume, and much more. Cells will share with you; listening to them will better attune you to your intuitive understanding of who you are and what you want in life.

Cells love a conversation.

So I ask again, do you want to set Freedom in Motion?

Join me in discovering and integrating freedom through connected movement.

Your Soul Sibling,

** Please bring water/hydration. Wear clothing that you are comfortable moving around in. **

Date: Friday, June 9th
Time: 6:00 - 7:15 pm
doors open at 6:00pm with class starting at 6:15pm
Price: $15.00
Location: CenterPeace Troy
2609 Crooks Road, Troy
To Register: www.centerpeacehealing.com

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