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What is Sahaja Meditation?

How does Sahaja Meditation differ from other popular forms of meditation?

This Meditation is unique in its ability to awaken and connect to your Inner Energy and influence the movement of this energy up through your body's seven primary energy centers to achieve physical and emotional well-being and ultimately establish a connection of your energy with energy that is all around us.

It is free and easy to learn and establish.

Visit http://www.sahajameditation.com for details and experience it.

We are inviting you to join us for Sahaja Meditation program. Sahaja Meditation is a simple technique to enrich your life and connect you to the joy resides within each one of us. This technique of meditation is always offered free of charge and is easy to practice by all ages and backgrounds. Call us for forthcoming Meetings in Idaho.
We are pleased to inform you that we will have meditation programs in 2015.
Call us for more information.
If you are interested or anybody interested please let us know.
All our programs are free of charge.
No membership, prior experience or knowledge required.
It's easy to learn and has lots of benefits.
For details visit our website for more information:
http://www.sahajameditation.com (http://www.sahajameditation.com/)
Join our meetups at: http://www.meetup.com/Boise-Sahaja-Meditation-Meetup
We would like to welcome the new members to this meetup group. We are very happy to know about the keen interest in Meditation in Boise.
Please do not hesitate to call us at (208) 557-8339 if you have any questions.
A group of us (from different parts of the country- who have been meditating for some time) are coming together in Boise for the introductory meditation classes. We are excited at the prospect of meeting all of you to share our journey & experiences and would love to listen to your journey which brought about your interest in meditation. We are also looking forward to introduce you to an extremely simple but fulfilling meditation practice from which millions all over the world have benefited.

You are welcome to join one or more of the classes. If you are able to join us, then please RSVP on meetup pages for the class(es) that you are interested in (if you have not done so already). Also please invite your family members, friends and colleagues. If your work/personal schedule does not allow you to attend any of the classes, we would be happy to meet you later in the evening if you are keen to experience this meditation.
Looking forward to seeing you.
Best Wishes
Sahaja Meditation Group
http://www.sahajameditation.com (http://www.sahajameditation.com/)
Free meditation classes in USA.

Idaho email MeditateInIdaho@gmail.com

Idaho number to call: (208) 557-8339

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Free Online Guided Meditation - Discover Peace within

Online event

Why look Outside when you can find it Inside !! Within us lies the peace, the beauty, the glory of our being. There is an ocean of all that. We cannot seek it outside. We have to go within, in the meditative state... Please join us for a live online session of Sahaja Meditation. It is easy. Spontaneous and Effortless. Anyone can do it. You don't need to bring anything special, just bring yourself in comfortable clothing. There are immediate benefits in stress relief and a feeling of peace and contentment. Mentally and emotionally, it helps one to attain balance and spiritually one can attain the highest level of enlightenment. Hope to see you soon!! Details to Join: Please download Zoom app on your phone or install it on your computer and go to the link below. Online meditation room would be open, 10 minutes before the start of the meditation session. Please join the audio, once you are logged in. https://zoom.us/j/559805140?pwd=VkRnSlQzNExwVEMxckh6UEpMekJrZz09 About our sessions: Classes are conducted in a peaceful environment. Soothing background music helps facilitate meditation. Meditations are guided by experienced instructors and are designed to accommodate the collective experience. Individual assistance (both beginner and advanced) is always available. These sessions are designed to introduce Sahaja meditation practice to new people. Instructors will provide an overview of the Sahaja technique and explain its unique benefits. You’ll learn how to awaken and activate your inner subtle energy, so you can practice meditation effectively. If you continue to practice Sahaja Meditation, you'll discover and experience, step by step, your own energy centers, and their associated qualities. Ultimately, Sahaja classes can provide a complete course on meditation and spirituality, which you can continue to experiment with and verify at every step. All Sahaja Meditation events are always free.

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