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What we’re about

Are you passionate about experiences and trying new things? Are you longing to try a new outdoor activity or go on an adventure but reluctant to do so because of cost and/or lack of experience? Do you wish you could camp or backpack with girlfriends but don't really know how to pitch a tent or start a fire? Then this is the group for you! If you are afraid to break a nail, or are an extreme and accomplished outdoorswoman, this group probably won't interest you. This group is focused on female bonding, being outdoors and active, and trying new things. As much as we love men and children, this group is really for adult women craving activity, fun and confidence-building experiences, adventure and "me time." Bold Betties are adult women of all ages and come from all walks of life. We have Betties ranging from 18 to 82 years old and we would love for you to JOIN THE MOVEMENT!<br><br><br>ABOUT BOLD BETTIES:<br><br>Bold Betties is a mission-driven company based in Denver, CO. We make adventure and the outdoors more accessible for mainstream women and we make it easy to bond with like-minded women in your own backyard. We do this through local Bold Betties Chapters which you can find in 37 cities across North America. These chapters are led by amazing volunteers called Chapter Leaders & Alpha Betties who work very hard to organize and host incredible events for all the Bold Betties! Learn more here: