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From Pound Signs to Hashtags: How to Seal the Deal with Different Generations
(Boost Biz Ed connects street brilliance of accomplished biz experts with eagerness of biz owners & pros to increase impact small biz has on the world. We call it actionable education -- fuel for immediate biz improvement. We attract "action heroes" twice monthly to sites in Denver, Oregon & San Diego.) *From Pound Signs to Hashtags: How to Seal the Deal with Different Generations* by Victoria Gaulrapp (Drive Your Development) More: In order for businesses to thrive they have to be productive, efficient, and employ the best people to get the job done. While having best-in-class products, technology and services are key components to making this happen, how we communicate with our internal and external teams as well as our clients is crucial to drive business forward. In "From Pound Signs to Hashtags" we will discuss the three primary generations in the workplace today, who they are, what motives them and why it's important to understand each. This presentation will review generational influencers and behavior styles, as well as introduce strategies you can implement when working with multi-generational clients to communicate at an optimum level. Once you as a sales person, consultant, account executive or business owner understand how best to communicate with each of these three generations, you will have the confidence and tools needed to close the deal for greater sales and productivity. *Action Points* - Identify the three primary generations in today's workforce and the characteristics that each generation identifies with - Understand the influencers that impact ALL generations - Recognize generational behaviors and sources of conflict - Motivate and encourage intergenerational teams, and close the deal! *About Victoria Gaulrapp* Victoria Gaulrapp is the creator of Drive Your Development, a firm specializing in training and leadership development. She is a speaker, trainer and curriculum developer, and believes that each new day provides a variety of learning opportunities. Victoria can trace the "why" behind her business back to the age of six, when a classroom incident ultimately accelerated her desire to provide only safe, engaging learning environments where people can thrive. After a series of corporate downsizings Victoria quickly identified the need to provide valuable, relevant professional development workshops designed to increase employee engagement and improve communication. She has more than 20 years of experience building training and motivational programs in varied industries throughout the United States, and is passionate about developing people. Her colleagues have dubbed her the "People Whisperer" for her innate ability to connect with professionals from all corporate and organizational arenas. Victoria believes people are the driving force behind every process and every business. She specializes in soft skills which are often challenging to quantify, but are essential to any successful operation or venture. In each seminar she custom creates and delivers, Victoria provides the tools to put her clients squarely in the driver's seat of their own professional development. Victoria holds a BA in Human Communication from Arizona State University as well as numerous training certifications. *Event Allies* Without dedicated allies, these events would not happen. Venue: Innovation Pavilion Emcee Ally: Emilie Downs, Imago Visual Educator Ally: Victoria Gaulrapp, Drive Your Development Media Ally: Daniel Stratford, Stratex Digital Marketing Social Media Ally: Aimee Skillin, Social Media Languages

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