Weekly Python Meetup - Denver

Bootcampers Collective <> Co-op for Jr. Devs
Bootcampers Collective <> Co-op for Jr. Devs
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SecureSet Academy, Inc.

2228 Blake Street · Denver

How to find us

Please sign in at the front desk. Parking is free NE of Broadway. There's meter parking everywhere else.

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Bootcampers Collective presents our NEW weekly Python Meetup, an excellent place to learn and refine your python programming skills in a fun and inclusive environment. We will provide access to study materials and team support.

TLDR? Click the link below 👇🏼to go straight to the course.


I'm adding content daily, so check in regularly to keep up.

Whether you're new to Python or a seasoned professional, we'd love 💕 for you to join us!

Our initial sessions are geared toward the basics. We'll cover version control, editor config, command line, etc. If you're a bonafide Pythonista, you may want to sit out the early sessions while we config environments and the like. If you wish to help at this early stage, you're greatly welcomed, elif 😉you wish to jump in later, that's cool too. The schedule will be posted down below .👇🏼

For those 𝞰𝞵mberphiles (*wink *wink), machine learners🤖, and big data freaks; please peruse the curriculum and jump in where you feel you can benefit most. (I'll post the complete course subject areas in the next day or two).

For seasoned Pythoneers 🐍who want to mentor, hangout, or help out, I encourage you to DM me on Slack (@Andy-Young). We can work to harmonize your goals with that of a junior. This is a great opportunity to give advice, code review, or sharpen your teaching chops🐺.

A link to the curriculum is posted below. I push commits daily, so peek 👀 in often. The schedule is posted in the repo's README.md file.

I look forward to meeting all of you and am excited to see you on your programming journey!

The Repo 👉🏻👉🏾https://github.com/andy-young/Python-First-Principles 👈🏾👈🏻

Group Lead: Andy Young

Find us on Slack (http://slack.bootcamperscollective.com) and join the #study-group and #python channels.

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