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We are Boston's number one group for hiking, skiing, biking, snowboarding, and more. We have no cliquey events where only the regulars always get chosen, and every event starts with carpool so nobody is left behind. We are the most inclusive group in Boston for hiking, skiing, biking, snowboarding, and other outdoor adventures.

Our group is about the democratization of the outdoors, so you can be the adventure spark (https://www.ridj-it.com/adventurespark)without having to go through layers of the usual Meetup hierarchy.

Do you want to get out and go skiing but don’t have a ride? We’ve got your back. Have you been dreaming about surfing but can’t make it out to California? We know a secret spot to paddle out, and its way closer than you think. Ridj-it has helped bring hundreds of people from the creature comforts of Boston out to adventures of a lifetime all around New England. Pick one of our trips or design your own; we’ll sort out the details. Your ride is outside. What are you waiting for?

Ridj-it has taken over 1,000 cars off the road, and through connecting those without cars with those who have one, we've helped adventurers host over 500+ events in just a year. Is there a mountain you've always wanted to hike?

Drivers and riders can post adventures from Boston. Our events include people from Meetup, Facebook, Couch Surfers, and others, so we're more than your typical Boston Meetup group.

Why do we carpool? (https://www.ridj-it.com/single-post/2018/02/18/Why-Carpool)We found most other outdoor Meetups were leaving younger residents, people of color, and immigrants behind. By linking our trips to carpool, we make sure everyone has to work together as a team in order to go on events. Many of our hosts don't have cars, and we're proud to have a space where outdoor enthusiasts can slowly democratize access to New England's beautiful mountains, rivers, and beaches.

Check us out on Facebook (http://facebook.com/ridjit) and Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/ridj_it/), and if you want to know more about Ridj-it, click here (https://www.ridj-it.com/howItWorks.html).

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Canon, North and South Kinsman traverse


Sign up for this adventure here as a rider, driver, or non-carpooler: https://p.ridj-it.com/app/trip-detail?id=60411 NOTE: Do not make this your first hike in the Whites. If your Ridjit profile is bare and I havn't hiked with you then please check in with me via comments BEFORE signing up and mention your previous experience hiking with an elevation gain of above 3000ft and 8 miles distance. Welcome to an amazing fall/winter day in the Whites where we will bag three 4000 footers in one traverse, namely Canon (4082ft), North Kinsman (4265ft) and South Kinsman (4331ft)! While North Kinsman is wooded the views from Canon and South Kinsman are great! Depending on when fall is this year, it might be another opportunity to see fall colors. We will take the gut busting Kinsman Ridge trail up to Canon gaining 1500ft in about a mile to reach the summit of Canon, which wile crowded has awesome views. Staying on the Kinsman Ridge trail, we go over the Canon balls which will involve some going up and down on a scenic ridge to reach Kinsman pond. From there we will ascent the wooded summit of North Kinsman, lingering shortly at the ledge before the summit for some views. From there we will make a short 0.9 mile trip to South Kinsman for our last peak of the day. Here we will break for the views and some lunch. We will double back, the way we came until the junction that leads to Kinsman pond and then descend down the Fishin Jimmy trail to Lonesome lake. From there we will take the Hi-Canon trail down to the Lafayette campground which will complete the traverse. Being a traverse it will require carspotting, a very short one of around 2.5miles each way. So that shouldn't be an issue. Distance: 10.3miles Elevation gain: 4252 ft. Difficulty: Hard Gear: (Required) * Hiking/trail running shoes - absolutely no sneakers (you will be turned away at the Medford parking lot!) * 3 liters of water (refill at Madison Spring hut) *Microspikes (high potential of ice on the top, it being mid Oct) * Snacks and food * Backpack to hold your stuff * Non cotton layers * Electrolytes * Rain/Wind Gear * Map of the hike (All trials link provided below) Recommended Gear: * Emergency supplies (first aid, knife, Ibuprofen, etc) * Headlamps (recommended) * Trekking poles (optional but recommended) * Extra clothing in case you get wet (weather dependent) All Trails maps: https://www.alltrails.com/explore/map/map-5c80985--37 Expectations: This is NOT a beginner hike so you must be in good shape and have confidence in finishing the traverse. We will be keeping a 2mph pace throughout the hike and would try to hike as a group. However if you are slowing the group down (this includes myself too) i expect you to have the grace to turn back and wait at the trail head. You must have the supplies above or you will be turned away before leaving the carpool spot/trailhead. You are responsible for having a map of this hike; this is not a guided hike. You are joining like-minded enthusiasts and are responsible for your own safety and preparedness. Beyond that lets make this a memorable trip, with great weather and a nice dinner post. Happy hiking!

Peakbagging in late Fall : Mounts Tom/Field/Willey/Avalon

Sign up for this adventure here as a rider, driver, or non-carpooler: https://p.ridj-it.com/app/trip-detail?id=65179 We’ll be bagging three 4,000 footers and a 52 WAV on this hike, Mount Tom, Field, Willey, and Avalon. Mount Tom, Field and Willey are 4,000 footers and are on the NH 48 list at 4,052 ft., 4,357 ft., and 4,255 ft. respectively. Mount Avalon is on the 52 WAV list with an elevation of 3,442 ft. Please read everything in this post, because if you don't, you could get turned away. We’ll start at the AMC Highland Center, where we’ll take the Avalon Trail towards the first summit of the day, Mount Avalon. After summiting, the plan is to continue on the Avalon trail to the summit of Mount Field, the second summit of the day. After reaching Mount Field, we’ll continue on the Willey Range trail to the summit of Mount Willey. There’ll be a viewpoint which will offer great views of Crawford Notch and the surrounding mountains. After summiting Mount Willey, we’ll backtrack to Mount Field and continue on the Willey Range Trail, till we reach the intersection with A-Z Trail. From here, we will take the Mount Tom Spur trail to the last summit of the day, Mount Tom. From there, we’ll head back on the Avalon Trail to the Highland Center.I also hike at a moderate pace, or under 2 miles per hour. So, if you're looking to go as fast as possible or have difficulty staying together as a group, I do not recommend this hike for you. GPS Maps: All trails: https://www.alltrails.com/explore/trail/us/new-hampshire/mount-tom-mount-field-mount-willey-and-mount-avalon-trail?mobileMap=false&ref=sidebar-view-full-map Gaia: https://www.gaiagps.com/datasummary/route/caf7229e-22bd-4931-b345-d3eaf9ffd7d7/?layer=GaiaTopoRasterFeet Trail Conditions: https://www.newenglandtrailconditions.com/ Additional expectations 1) I am not a guide and this is not a service - I expect you to be fully prepared with the gear listed below and the mindset that you could get yourself out of trouble if needed. 2) We stick together - this is a group event, so if you feel that you are not flexible in working as a team, this will not be a good hike for you. 3) We will follow COVID guidelines and wear masks during carpool and on the trail when social distancing cannot be maintained. Do not show up if you do not agree to the COVID guidelines. 4) Parking is limited, so non-carpoolers will be limited. Please do not ask me to open additional spots. If you lose out on a spot, then I suggest you post a hike. 5) Showing up without registering on Ridj-it with a profile and then actually signing up for the trip is a safety hazard and will get you banned. Do not message me to join in any alternative manner. Mandatory Gear - not optional 1) Microspikes 2) Headlamp 3) Waterproof Hiking boots 4) 2 - 3 liters of water 5) Sandwich and food 6) Electrolytes - yes, a gatorade or other version is mandatory 7) Electronic or physical maps of the hike (as included above) - don't show up without access to a map. I don't mind if you can't read it 100%, but showing up without one expecting me to guide you is a massive no no and I'll ask you to leave since you could otherwise pay me $200 for guiding you 8) Temperatures could be below freezing at the summit, so please pack enough insulating layers, Shell jackets, hat, gloves. You can track the summit temperatures here: https://www.mountain-forecast.com/peaks/Mount-Field-New-Hampshire/forecasts/1320 If you are unsure as to whether this is the right hike for you, please post your question on the Ridj-it wall on the Ridj-it website! Others may have the same question, so you will be doing others a favor by being curious.

Halloween on Mount Washington - Hike the Tuckerman Ravine Trail

You must sign up, answer questions, and join here at this link: https://p.ridj-it.com/app/trip-detail?id=64683 RSVPING on Meetup means nothing - you must use the link above. Mount Washington is the highest point in New England and the highest peak in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Often called the most dangerous small mountain in the world, Mount Washington is recommended for experienced hikers and climbers who can handle significant elevation gain. Join Marc for this adventure, but you must reading all of the instructions. Tuckerman's Ravine Trail from Pinkham Notch is the most popular route to the summit. It is important to properly research this trail and bring proper gear as conditions can quickly turn dangerous as a result of bad weather in the form of severe storms, snow and wind. There are no markings on Tuckerman's Ravine, so it's easy to take a wrong turn. Keep left after the last yellow arrow and follow the cairns once you crest the wall. Distance: 7.9 mi Elevation gain: 4,169 ft AllTrails Map: https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/new-hampshire/tuckerman-ravine-trail-to-mount-washington Fitness Requirement • All hikers must have recent experience hiking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire with an elevation gain of above 3000ft and 8 miles distance • If your Ridj-it profile is empty, please comment with your recent hiking trips before you sign up IN THE RIDJ-IT LINK ABOVE. • This is a dangerous hike, do not make it your first trip in the White Mountains Mandatory Gear • Hiking boots • Microspikes • Appropriate hiking clothing (base layers, mid layers. waterproof shell, gloves, etc) • Electronic or physical maps of the hike • Sun protection (sunglasses, 60+ sunscreen, hat) • 2-3 liters of water • Lunch, snacks and electrolytes • Positive attitude Expectations This is not a beginner nor moderate hike, so you must be in good shape and have confidence in finishing the traverse. You must have the supplies above or you will be turned away before leaving the carpool spot/trailhead. You are responsible for having a map of this hike; this is not a guided hike. You must be able to find the way down yourself if you need to turn back - nobody is responsible for you. You are joining like-minded enthusiasts and are responsible for your own safety and preparedness. COVID Guidelines Social distancing: Must agree to practice social distancing (six feet apart) where possible. Masks: You must wear a mask that covers the mouth and nose for situations where you are unable to practice social distancing, including carpool. You agree to bring a mask to all events and wear it in case such situations arise. Sickness policy: You agree to not partake in any events if you were sick within the past 2 weeks, OR, if you were exposed to an individual who became sick within two weeks after event. Monitoring program: You agree to participate in the Ridj-it monitoring program if you become sick after an event or we learn that you were exposed to another User who was sick in an event you attended. You assert that you have read through and agreed to the detail of the Ridj-it monitoring program, which can be found in covid19.ridj-it.com.

Let's bushwhack to a cool place


Sign up for this adventure here as a rider, driver, or non-carpooler: https://p.ridj-it.com/app/trip-detail?id=65211 Last weekend I did this as a solo bushwhack. I found a huge bull moose skull and saw some pretty cool cascades. But, because of weather, I didn't make it to my final objective which was a talus field near Black Crescent Mountain (see the trip photo for what the view might look like). Well, I want to make it to that talus field which has awesome views, find the moose skull again (I wasn't properly able to document it because I lost my phone) and maybe find my lost phone. The route is about 6.5 miles and about 2000 feet of elevation gain. About 3- 3.5 of the miles will be completely off-trail. As a result it is required you have a printed map of the area for this trip (I will check) and it is highly advised you have a compass (if you don't have one I am selling basic ones for $3.50). Hiking off-trail is tough, so please expect to be negotiating over logs, getting your shoes muddy and wet and have branches fly in your face. Also, progress is slower than you are used to on a defined trail so the pace will be slow. Sounds fun right? This is an out and back bushwhack. Here is a map of the approximate area with the start/end and objective area marked - https://caltopo.com/m/23VD. We will follow a logging road which is pretty easy for the start/end parts. Required gear: Map of the area backpack 3 layer of clothing appropriate for early winter (base, mid and shell/rain gear). Base layer clothing has to be long sleeve shirt and pants due to brush. Some sort of orange clothing because it is hunting season in NH Gloves of some kind Trail runners or hiking boots, no sneakers. Expect that your feet will get wet; we will be stepping through mud not around it. Microspikes (bring them to the trailhead but can leave in the car if not needed) 2-3 liters of water (or water purification) 1000 calories of food In order to properly screen people for this please answer the following questions: What have you hiked in the whites recently, where? Do you have experience traveling off-trail, where? What is your experience using a map and compass to navigate?

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