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We are Boston's number one group for hiking, skiing, biking, snowboarding, and more. We have no cliquey events where only the regulars always get chosen, and every event starts with carpool so nobody is left behind. We are the most inclusive group in Boston for hiking, skiing, biking, snowboarding, and other outdoor adventures.

Our group is about the democratization of the outdoors, so you can be the adventure spark (https://www.ridj-it.com/adventurespark)without having to go through layers of the usual Meetup hierarchy.

Do you want to get out and go skiing but don’t have a ride? We’ve got your back. Have you been dreaming about surfing but can’t make it out to California? We know a secret spot to paddle out, and its way closer than you think. Ridj-it has helped bring hundreds of people from the creature comforts of Boston out to adventures of a lifetime all around New England. Pick one of our trips or design your own; we’ll sort out the details. Your ride is outside. What are you waiting for?

Ridj-it has taken over 1,000 cars off the road, and through connecting those without cars with those who have one, we've helped adventurers host over 500+ events in just a year. Is there a mountain you've always wanted to hike?

Drivers and riders can post adventures from Boston. Our events include people from Meetup, Facebook, Couch Surfers, and others, so we're more than your typical Boston Meetup group.

Why do we carpool? (https://www.ridj-it.com/single-post/2018/02/18/Why-Carpool)We found most other outdoor Meetups were leaving younger residents, people of color, and immigrants behind. By linking our trips to carpool, we make sure everyone has to work together as a team in order to go on events. Many of our hosts don't have cars, and we're proud to have a space where outdoor enthusiasts can slowly democratize access to New England's beautiful mountains, rivers, and beaches.

Check us out on Facebook (http://facebook.com/ridjit) and Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/ridj_it/), and if you want to know more about Ridj-it, click here (https://www.ridj-it.com/howItWorks.html).

Feel free to read more about how Ridj-it helps Boston hike, ski, snowboard, and more:

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Hike the Tripyramids

Needs a location

Sign up for this adventure here as a rider, driver, or non-carpooler: https://p.ridj-it.com/app/trips-search?id=30122 This is moderate/intermediate hike in the Waterville Valley area (right off rt93). This is a loop hike of about 10.5 miles. North peak has no view, but Middle peak is WOW! This is a guided hike by a Wilderness First Aid certified leader. Summit Heights: 4140ft, 4180ft Elevation Gain: 2900ft Total Hiking Distance: 10.5 miles Gear 1) Hiking boots or trail runners (no tennis shoes or city sneakers) 2) 2 - 3 liters of water 3) Day bag to carry your stuff 4) Electrolytes including gatorade or similar substance 5) Food plus snacks 6) Hat + sunglasses 7) Sunscreen 8) Bug spray Expectations You must be in strong, physical condition. You do not need prior 4,000 footer experience to join, but you must be comfortable moving for an extended period of time up steep grades. Driver price*: $0.00 Rider price: $47.00 Non-carpool price: $25.00

Hike Mt. Katahdin - Advanced hike

Needs a location

Photo credit: Y Chen, AllTrails https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/maine/mount-katahdin-loop/photos How to register: 1. Sign up here: https://p.ridj-it.com/app/trips-search?id=24508 RSVP on Meetup does not mean you registered for the trip, you must sign up on the link provided. We do pickups off of I-95 at Park & Rides if you live north of Boston. Please email [masked] for a request. Please note - You must have previous 4,000 footer or equivalent experience to join this hike due to the difficulty and length of this hike. There will be no credit/refunds for this trip since it is an over-night hike that involves commitment from all members. Don't sign up for this trip unless you know you can make it. Drivers pay $40, which $20 of it will be refunded after the trip. The other $20 goes towards the campsite fees. Drivers will also get compensated for gas and travel in addition to the deposit. Riders pay $72, which include transportation from Boston to Baxter State Park in addition to the campsite fees for two nights. A $15 out of state park pass is required for both drivers and riders. You can either pay by cash to the ranger at the booth or on their reservation website. https://reservation.baxterstatepark.org/reserve Let me know what option you choose, but you'll need this pass to enter the park. 2. Event description: We'll be hiking arguably the best hike in New England, Mt. Katahdin. We'll be camping at the Katahdin Stream Campground Friday and Saturday nights. On Saturday, we'll be hiking to Baxter Peak and Pamola Peak via the Hunt Trail and the Knife Edge trails. Baxter peak is the tallest point in Maine, reaching to 5,269 ft. The views at the summit are incredible, offering expansive views of the Knife Edge and Pamola Peak, alongside nearby mountains. We'll then hike to Pamola Peak via the Knife Edge trail, a 1.1 mile rock scramble from Baxter Peak and the views are incredible for the length. Following the hike, we'll descend via the Dudley Trail to Chimney Pond and follow the Catherdral Trail to the Saddle Trail, leading back to the Hunt Trail. The Hunt Trail will lead back to Katahdin Stream Campground. The total hike will be 12.5 miles. Here's more information on Katahdin: http://4000footers.com/katahdinbaxter.shtml • What to bring A camping gear list will be provided shortly Feel free to ask me any questions regarding the event or anything gear-related. Please contact Rik or Ari at [masked] for questions about Ridj-it, carpool, and logistics. There will be no credit/refunds for this trip since it is an over-night hike that involves commitment from all members. Liability Release: You acknowledge and agree to the following: this activity involves inherent risks and assume all risk; you are responsible for having the necessary knowledge, skills, abilities, clothing, and equipment to safely participate in this activity; the organizer(s) of this activity are volunteers; and you release, hold harmless, and indemnify the organizer(s) and all members of this group from any and all claims for property damage, injury, illness, disability, and/or death.

Hike Mt Washington and Mt Monroe (Advanced Hikers Only)

Sign up here as a rider, driver, or non-carpooler: https://p.ridj-it.com/app/trips-search?id=30737 This hike was posted by Suneil; he is not on Meetup. Leave questions on the Ridj-it link rather than Meetup so he can respond. We cannot guarantee anyone will respond to your questions on Meetup. Step on up for a chance to hike THE ALMIGHTY, THE BEAST, THE UNSTOPPABLE, THE KING OF KINGS. **THIS IS A BIG HIKE. Expect to climb ~4200 ft under strenuous conditions. EXPERIENCED HIKERS ONLY!** Nothing beats a a killer hike with great people in the middle of New England summer. This is the gameplan: 1.) From the Cog Railway Station Parking Lot, we'll start at the Jewel Trail trailhead (end point) and take the Ammonusac Ravine Trail for 3.5 miles to ascend the mountain. 2.) Eventually we'll reach the Lakes Of the Clouds hut, and take a quick detour to reach Mt Monroe. 3.) We'll backtrack to the junction and take the famous Crawford Path to the summit of Mt Washington where we can join all the cars that drove to the top with their dunkin coolatta in hand. 4.) From the summit, we'll take the Great Gulf Trail for 0.3 miles until we reach the Jewel Trail. Take the Jewel Trail allllllll the way down (~4.5 miles) to the station parking lot. Gear: If you're an experienced hiker, preparation goes without saying. 3L of water should be enough for the day. We'll be above treeline for half the hike, so sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat are recommended. Stats: Total hiking distance: 11.2 miles (loop) Summit heights: 6288 ft, 5372 ft Elevation gain: 4200 ft

Mount Adam's via King's Ravine

Needs a location

Sign up as a rider, driver, or non-carpooler for this hike: https://p.ridj-it.com/app/trips-search?id=27618 Read the description - know your limits, and sign up for a bunch of hikes before this if you're looking to get into shape and prepared to do this hike. You will be vetted, and if not allowed, then please join us for one of the other 1,000 trips we have going on. Then, once you're buff and awesome, you can post an adventure so other excited enthusiasts can also enjoy the beauty of this great mountain. Some of you hiked Mount Washington…then you hear that the climb to the second highest summit: Adams is worse…. No matter, which way so go… It is said that you will suffer… Are you ready for this challenge? I’m not talking about airline to mount adam’s…. But King’s ravine trail, one of the 25 terrifying trails! Steep ascent, rocks scrambling, boulders… you will have to work hard to deserve the beautiful views that awaits for you on the top of mount Adams. 9 miles, 4500 feet of elevation gain is what await for you. Keep in mind that the mountain may win and you may not necessarily summit via this way. Here is the trail : https://www.gaiagps.com/datasummary/route/943cfcd31bad65841e6d961b39f69ceb3eb2f22e/?layer=GaiaTopoRasterFeet Please don’t overestimate yourself. No beginners. This hike is really strenuous and requires: - To be fit - Summiting at least one of the presidential is preferred. - Good navigation skills - Team work - Cheerful behavior Gears: - Hiking BOOTS, maybe microspikes, but will keep you update - Fleece - Waterproof /windproof layers -sunscreen, sun glasses -Winter hat and or Cap -Bug spray -your camera/phone Nutritions: -meal +snacks - at least 2L of water+ electrolytes Since this hike is a very difficult, please feel free to ask me questions.

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Hiking Navigation Class with Two Follow-up Hikes

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