Hike Mount Waumbek and Mount Starr King Trail - Navigation Hike


Needs a location


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This hike is hike #2 of the Hiking Navigation Course (https://bit.ly/2XAap80). You may join this hike without taking the course, but the focus will be on navigation using a compass and map. If you have both, you should bring them. If not, no worries, but the hike will be paced at a learning speed focused on navigation. We will summit!

This hike will utilize the skills learned in the Hiking Navigation class. Participants should be prepared to hike for several hours over various terrain. Participants will need the following in order to attend.

Original in-class course: https://bit.ly/2XAap80

1) hiking boots
2) non-cotton socks
3) various non-cotton layers to protect from potential cold or wind
4) 3 liters of water
5) food - sandwich plus snacks
6) a laminated version map https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/new-hampshire/mount-waumbek-and-mount-starr-king-trail
You can laminate the paper at a Staples or another office store.
7) hat, sunglasses
8) rain shell for both bottom and core
9) land compass with adjustable declination (optional)
10) grease pencil (optional)
11) plastic ruler (optional)