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What we’re about

Join our discord: (more info below)
A short message from the founder, Corey:
Hey all,
I started this group over 10 years ago now. It meant a lot to me. But I'm no longer in Boston & though I haven't had the funds, I've been supporting it anyway. I'd like to keep the group alive and start events again, but I'd need your help, I need people to help do that. If you're interested in keeping this group alive, or just want to chat with other members, join the discord where we can have open conversations about the future of the group, and I'd love to see you there. 
If you don't have Discord, you can email me at with your thoughts. But Discord is definitely the best place to find me.
Thank you so much for still supporting this group.

Original group description: 
Whether or not you just graduated school or are new to Boston, we all
know how difficult it can be your first few years as a professional. Let's
use this group to bridge that knowledge gap, the experience gap, and
the networking gap.
I'm talking ALLLLLLLL kinds of creatives: writers, artists, bloggers,
designers, developers, programmers, entrepreneurs, builders, doers,
movers, shakers.
Use this group to create meetups where we: network, create new
companies, develop old companies & products, have fun, drink beer,
share knowledge, introduce new cool things, and just plain ol' make
new friends!
The more experienced folk are here to support the younger folk, so
everyone chat and get to know each other. Let's try to meet up every
other week or so for different reasons, and make the most of being young
in this great city.


We are also looking for corporate sponsors of any kind. Creative companies in the Boston area. Marketing, manufacturing, production, etc.
Contact Corey for more information.