Outdoor Uke Jam in Harvard Square


Our annual hullabaloo. Let's make a public spectacle of ourselves as we work through a few dozen ukulele favorites.

Open to all players, all friends, and, well, just all.

We'll have paper song-sheets available day-of, and a PDF download ahead of time, here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ssphyw467avx8qc/CCAE%20uke%20jam%202019.pdf?dl=0

BRING: Yourself, your uke, your good attitude, and a music stand, if you want one (better to share with a friend!).

WE'LL PROVIDE: Chairs, printed-on-paper music, and discounted parking (see: https://ccae.org/about/getting-here).

Pre-Jam Mini-Class for Brand New Beginners

Danno sez: I completely forgot that CCAE had suggested this and I agreed -- if you need a little encouragement and a few ukulele basics, this is a 30 minute quick intro so you can play along -- NO EXCUSES NOW!

[4:00, just before the jam. Register here: https://ccae.org/classes/offering/2668/pre-jam-uke-lesson-for-beginners]