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Boston West Ukulele Meetup Online

Online event

Ukulele Zoom with us - Third Wednesdays of each month! Please RSVP! ....Until recently, for ukulele players that want to play with a group of ukulele lovers outside of 128, we have offered a monthly ukulele meetup in Stow, MA. But of course now we will be joining together via Zoom. The link for our packet is below and we'll take turn leading the songs while everyone else is muted. If bombed we'll drop and try again! Music pack link is below... Pick a song or two or 3 to lead! Let me know ahead of time to reserve the song(s). https://www.dropbox.com/s/kpqfosxb25gg9f4/Boston%20West%20Nov%202020.pdf?dl=0 If you'd like to share a song you've been working on that would be great too. Speak up and let us know about it, please.

ONLINE Three Chord Thursday: 1920's

Online event

Let's welcome the new decade by looking back a hundred years to songs from the 1920's. We can accommodate up to 10 songs for this session. If you'd like to perform a song, please fill out the Google Form https://forms.gle/sHirZm6LudFV4JhU9 Special guest: Chuck Goldstone. https://www.anneku.com/2021/01/12/three-chord-thursday-1920s/ As usual, we start promptly at 3 pm with a warm-up, which is a short 5-minute lesson. All sessions are recorded and edited for review, reflection, education, and sharing with the public. You can switch off your webcam if you don't want to be seen. For previous sessions, check out Three Chord Thursday Youtube Channel at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLd1dAV0InDNnxsWlLe3UkcJJXdcO0A7H Join our Facebook Group to collaborate with others on tagging songs, suggesting themes, etc. https://www.facebook.com/groups/3chord3/ OPTIONAL: Share your story about what lights you up about playing the ukulele. Fill out the Google Form at https://forms.gle/Xd8zjPD7VXeu5s4aA

Jamulus in the Afternoon

Needs a location

Let's try for an old fashioned Uke in the Afternoon Meetup. You remember. The kind where we all used to play together at the same time? * You should already be familiar with Jamulus. * The Meetup will be held on a private server. The address will be sent on Friday morning to those who have RSVP'd. * The server will NOT be the UkuleleUnionofBoston server in All Genres. However, both servers are hosted by Amazon Web Services in Richmond, VA. You can use the UkuleleUnionofBoston server to see if your installation will work for this Meetup. Try connecting to the UkuleleUnionofBoston server. Check Settings. -- If your overall latency, found in the lower right hand corner of the Settings panel is 50ms or less, you're good to go. -- If it is 80ms or less, you're probably okay. -- If it is greater than 120ms, the latency will almost certainly prove frustrating for everyone. -- 80 to 120ms, we'll have to see. * We'll use Zoom, too, so that we can see each other, but there will be no Zoom-only option for playing along without joining Jamulus. Most of the technical difficulties from such a Meetup come from sending Jamulus to Zoom. The Zoom link will be sent along with the Jamulus address. * Everyone must enter Jamulus muted so that we can identify the source of any disruptive noise. * When using Zoom, do not connect your audio. That way, Zoom can't cause any disruption. Otherwise, it will be like the Uke in the Afternoon Meetups that were and will be held in the Robbins Library Community Room in Arlington, MA. When you RSVP, please use the Comments to CHOOSE A CHAIR (2 to 16) in the circle. We'll go around the circle, with each participant in turn choosing a song from the Uke in the Afternoon songbook https://www.dropbox.com/s/5x6isqxnezup32l/UitA%203rd%20edition.pdf?dl=0 (view/display) or https://www.dropbox.com/s/5x6isqxnezup32l/UitA%203rd%20edition.pdf?dl=1 (direct download) for the group to play. As with Robbins, the leader gets to set the tempo. Standard Robbins rules apply--only traditional 4 string wood ukuleles are allowed. No other instruments, including banjo ukuleles. The one exception will be that I will likely be playing bass for most of the Meetup. The two Jamulus sessions we've held so far showed that it helps overcome the effects of latency. Feedback from the second session said that my not using the bass was a main reason players had trouble staying together. I'm happy to switch to the soprano uke if the bass is found not to be helping here. I'll start us off with Mountain of Love (page 85) to warm us up. After that, it's your call! If you do not hear from me with login instructions by the morning of the Meetup, contact me at jerry at dallal dot org.

The Ukulele Game Show Happy Hour (Stay-at-Home Edition)

Join the game show sensation that's sweeping the Ukulele Nation! What do we like almost as much as ukuleles? That's right, GAME SHOWS! Grab your favorite beverage (alcoholic or otherwise), uke (tuned, untuned, whatever), and thinking cap (however busted it may be). If you think you know a thing or two about everyone's favorite instrument, then step right up to compete against friends and foes. This week's games... Game 1: Song Sung Wrong Game 2: Match Game If you would like to be a contestant, please indicate so (and whether you have a game preference) when you RSVP. Here's a sample of what it's all about! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1LzpiNmMXI&t=4s Studio audience: Although we encourage laughter and applause, please be respectful of the contestants. No calling out answers or even hints. And keep in mind that this is a family show - don't say anything you wouldn't say on live TV! The link to the meeting will be viewable only after RSVPing. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

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A 2nd Banjo-Ukulele (Banjolele) Spectacular!

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