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This is a group for people who love reading a wide variety of genres &/or for those who love reading a book; seeing the movie adaptation then having an honest, friendly discussion. let's discuss books & movies over a cup of coffee, meal, wine or beer. making friends and discovering new authors that make us swoon, cringe, laugh and cry seems perfect to me! I want women, men, Non-binary, gay, straight, para, poly... whatever!! all sizes & races! Guidelines: -everybody will contribute to our book choices as well as planned outings outside of books. -no room for judgments! Maybe, Twilight & 50 Shades weren't your cup of tea- that's ok. the way a book impacts you has nothing to do with some "majority" opinion. -let's not be restricted by social "norms" in our discussions. if you thought the victim was a whiny bitch, say so. do you like all of the characters but the protagonist? say so! if you thought that gay love scene was hot, say so! I'm sure I will concur! differences make this world more enjoyable! -maybe you're unable to meet regularly but want to chat about books. I know I've read into the wee hours when something big happens and have no recourse for those emotions! so, let's have email discussions as well. shoot out an email, "...Holy SHIT! I can't believe she just did that!" -I tend to have a potty mouth but I am NOT a negative person. so be warned!

to my fellow dominant, outgoing personalities, it'll be up to us to ensure the quiet ones don't get lost in the background! While I love to talk, having people go unheard is my abhorrence!

Meet Ups- we'll usually meet at the Local Denhouse because it's conveniently located and it is accommodating for our current needs. whenever possible, rsvp if you will or will not be attending, so that i know if our numbers are too big for our usual room. normally, an average of 80% of those that rsvp actually show up. so, there will be times that have us all squeezing into the room. Please bare with us as we adjust to our growing numbers.

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American Like Me: Reflections on Life Between Cultures by America Ferrera

The Cabana @ Cambridge townhome complex

Per all of your requests, I have chosen an Non-Fiction book. I am a fan of America Ferrera, both her acting career and her politics, so when I heard she'd published a book, it was a no-brainer. I am about 1/3 of the way through the audio version and loving it. I highly recommend the audio version as many of the authors of each story do their own narrating. ~~~~ American Like Me: Reflections on Life Between Cultures by America Ferrera (Author, Narrator), Bambadjan Bamba (Narrator), Joy Cho (Narrator), Auli'I Cravalho (Narrator), Tim Chiou (Narrator), Janina Edwards (Narrator), Jennifer Ikeda (Narrator), Lameece Issaq (Narrator) , Eugene Kim (Narrator), Jennifer Lim (Narrator), Sunil Malhotra (Narrator), Ramón de Ocampo (Narrator), Roxana Ortega (Narrator), Geena Rocero (Narrator), Martin Sensmeier (Narrator) …

What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty

The Cabana @ Cambridge townhome complex

after many months of trying to read this book, after months of it being at the bottom of a short list, we shall finally read it! YES!! What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty We'll add this book to the list of Liane Moriarty books we've already read. I know there isn't much time between this an the previous meeting but, that's how schedules work out! till soon...

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discuss winter books and "bad" Gift exchange

The Cabana @ Cambridge townhome complex

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