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What we’re about

This is a group for people who love reading a wide variety of genres & for those who love reading a book, seeing the movie adaptation then having an honest, friendly discussion.
Guidelines: You don't have finish the book to join a meeting. The when's, where's and why's are often worth discussing. we will either convince you to finish the book or make you glad you didn't. That said, we will not protect you from spoilers. perhaps you have to use the bathroom a lot, that day! hahaha!
no room for dismissive judgments! Maybe, Twilight & 50 Shades weren't your cup of tea- that's ok. the way a book impacts you has nothing to do with some "majority" opinion. if you thought the victim was a whiny bitch, say so. do you like all of the characters but the protagonist? say so! if you thought that gay love scene was hot, say so! I'm sure I will concur! differences make discussions more enjoyable!

Introverts are welcome! To my fellow dominant, outgoing personalities, it'll be up to us to ensure the quiet ones don't get lost in the background! While I love to talk, having people go unheard is my abhorrence! if you come to our meeting and dominate conversations, you will hear from me.

I curse a lot, but I am NOT a negative person. I will check people for too much negativity! 

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