What we're about

We are going to learn together about wellness, meditation, healing, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, herbs, essential oils and a lot more.

I want to introduce people to different healing modalities and herbs. To educate people about natural ways of healing. If you want to learn about natural healing methods please join us.

We live in a very promising time. It is also a very challenging time. At least that’s how it looks like to us humans.

It’s a time when the human spirit is triumphing and books are being rewritten. Love, sharing & the healing of our fellow man is becoming what is normal.

The other side of this coin is a reality full of people who are hurting - who are hurting other people who are hurting. It is causing a great disturbance that is rooted in the spiritual and that manifests physically as war, disease and famine - all of it.

I am coming to you here to say that I hope we can band together and find common interests and be the healers for ourselves and everyone in the human community.

We are making the shift from hurting to healing - healing the healers. It is a way to have a place and a purpose in the shifting of consciousness and the triumph of the human spirit.

These words are well chosen; they sound so good and fill the heart with such a freshness of depths & heights, with an incredible sense of oneness in the truth.

I think it will be helpful to keep these thoughts foremost in our group. I just edited it a little and added some words for today’s time.

I believe this community will become a place where talented & heart-centered people will meet & find others like themselves!

I look forward to meet with you guys! My heart is wishing for your continued involvement & support!

And at the moment when this community is giving birth to itself, I would like to introduce you to a new Natural Healing Modality created by Mikhail Jirnov, a Russian Healer.

It is a type of energy work, called Bioenergetic Assisting, with very powerful results.

It helps with physical and emotional issues.

Mikhail was a very sick child suffering from severe allergies. He was taking 3 histamine drugs a day.

One day, walking in a Russian village he found a power in himself to change things.

That moment all his childhood sickness stopped. After that he realized that he can also change things for others.

For the last 25 years, Mikhail has been tireless in his mission to change peoples lives for the better by helping them to overcome their physical and emotional issues. His work is gentle but very powerful.

Mikhail A Jirnov

Mikhail is a world known Spiritual Teacher and Bioenergy Master, Certified Professional Life Coach, and the creator of Bioenergetic Assisting. He spent his whole life working with bioenergetics of the body, using his natural gift and extra sensory abilities. Mikhail's long time teacher, VALENTINA is from a line of village healers of southwestern Siberia. It resulted in Mikhail utilizing some of Siberian healers approaches in his bioenergetic work. After more then 20 years of helping people, he came up with his own method of working with bioenergetic field of the body, called Bioenergetic Assisting. Master Jirnov is known around America and the world for his teaching in Bioenergy and Spirituality. He has given hundreds of lectures and presentations around United States as well as online webinars. On multiple occasions, he has been a presenter on TV and radio shows explaining and advocating body's natural healing abilities. Over last 25 years, thousands of people are grateful for support that they received through his work and teachings.

Dr. Yuliya Jirnov, DOM(NM), L.Ac.

Dr. Yuliya Jirnov has experience practicing Oriental Medicine for more then 10 years. It includes experience at MD Anderson Cancer Center as wellness center volunteer, working at her own Eastern Wind clinic, as well as at the Rocky Mountain Integrative Medicine Center.She has also been working with infertility at the world famous Eastern Harmony clinic in Houston.

Dr. Yuliya is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, certified by New Mexico Acupuncture Board. She also has Master degree in Oriental Medicine from American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and Bachelor degree in Psychology from Brandeis University. Dr. Yuliya is a Licensed Doctor of Oriental Medicine in New Mexico and Licensed Acupuncturist in Texas and Colorado.For many years, Dr. Yuliya has been studying different ways to help human body to heal. She is an expert in Oriental Healing philosophy, Herbal Medicine, Nutritional support, and Bioenergy.

Yuliya has been combining Bioenergetic Assisting technique and Acupuncture and has astounding results with her clients in variety of very difficult cases. However, In addition, to effectiveness of her work, she also known for what her clients describe as very gentle approach in Acupuncture. She is an ideal choice for the people who have a phobia about needles and have never experienced Acupuncture before.

Please call Dr.Yuliya at 970-318-0198 or visit our website www.comeforhealth.net for more information.

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