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Rationality Reading Group
• What we'll do Let’s meet and talk about Rationality topics! I’m calling this a reading group in order to encourage a better understanding and raise the level of conversation that we have at these. I’ll assign articles for each meetup well in advance, and while a thorough reading isn’t at all required for you to show up, it is definitely highly encouraged. We’ll start with The Sequences [LINKs] in eBook order and move on to other articles/books once we’ve exhausted that resource (or our interest in moving further with it, as is often the case). I’d like to have us meet once a week, but I don’t have the capacity to be the sole driving force for that, so I’m starting a bi-weekly schedule. If you’re interested in organizing more of these (or other events related to the group) feel free to message me and I’ll invest whatever powers of the sort I can in you. This meetup, and every 1st Monday of the month, is in a meeting room on the CU Boulder campus, and we'll try to stay more focused on the material. 3rd Mondays of the month are in a more casual location Reading for this week: Rationality: From AI to Zombies – Chapters 14-19 (Less than 1 hour of reading) Download the full book for free here: Online links, if you don’t feel like downloading it: Again, you don’t *have* to read these to come to the meetup. If you’re just interested in what it’s all about, please come! • What to bring • Important to know

Fleming bldg. Room 178

2480 Kittredge Loop Dr. · Boulder, co

What we're about

Applied rationality is a movement that uses cognitive science to improve human thinking.

Most humans have cognitive biases that prevent us from making the best decisions and accomplishing our goals. Just hearing about these biases might not fix them.

Our goal is to actually change our habits of mind, so that our thinking is more rational and optimal. We think it's best to do this together! We're here to build a community of effective, rational, awesome people.

For more resources, check out the Center for Applied Rationality:

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