What we're about

Come learn and/or share your experiences with NoSQL & Big Data technologies. No experience required.

BDBDUG Mission:

To educate the Boulder/Denver community about emerging Big Data Technologies


Education: Introduce and educate the community about new and innovative Big Data Technologies

Networking: Provide a forum for people interested in Big Data to network

Hiring: Connect people looking for Big Data work with those hiring

Technology Balance: Provide the proper level of vendor presentations so that when people decide to rely on Big Data they know their options for support

Consistency: Consistency in meetup. Keep to a regular cadance with the meetups as well as time of month ( 3rd is wednesday at 6:00 PM )

Economic Growth: Contribute to strenghening the Colorado economy and US competitiveness in the global marketplace

Sincerely - Andy, Brett, Dan

Past events (129)

The Rise of Immediate Intelligence

This event has passed

Charter & Ibotta @ the Druid Meetup

Needs a location

MLOps - Continuous Training for Models

This event has passed

AWS Lambda and Kinesis at Scale

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