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Boulder Humanists is intended to be a social community for Free Thinkers, Critical Thinkers .... Thinkers ... who believe (or strongly suspect) that humans control -- and always have controlled -- their own fate and destiny and "quality of life" -- without any supernatural intervention of any kind. It's all us ... and only us ... for our own sake. The group IS clearly intended to be a substitute or alternative to churches and other religious institutions that rely on any kind of "supernatural" -- outside of any scientific understanding.

This is NOT my group, but OUR group! Beyond my defining of it's purpose to -- be absent of any supernatural -- it should function as a pure democracy -- following the preferences of all it's members as best we can determine what those are (and I'm interested to see how that might work).

It will need to soon be self-funding and self-organizing with the participation of all or most of it's members / supporters -- to whatever degree that is practical and they are able to contribute.

It may adopt some positions I don't personally support or care that much about and that may be the case for you, too, but I do hope we care about and support the group as a continuing social resource -- until we can straighten them out. :) It should always remain malleable and reflect the current (and strategic) preferences of it's members.

Let's congregate occasionally -- monthly? ... eclectically? ... and share and compare ideas and activities in our social community. I will try to open the group up so all can suggest or post proposed or scheduled meetings and events and activities that they think would appeal similarly to others and hope to include the most active of those as co-organizers or event organizers and to further it's democratic organization. Dru

Past events (6)

February Boulder Area Humanist Meeting

Boulder Public Library - Meadows Branch

January Boulder Area Humanist Meeting

Boulder Public Library - Meadows Branch

Boulder Area Humanists "Winter Social"

5402 Blackhawk Rd

Boulder Area Humanist Meeting

Boulder Public Library - George Reynolds Branch

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