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Entrance is located on Walnut street. Come up to the 4th floor!

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Join us at Twitter for a fun night of JavaScript!

Here at Boulder JS we love talks on all things JavaScript. Vanilla JS, ES6, Angular, Redux, Node, browser performance, you name it! We'd love to have you share your knowledge with us. Interested in speaking? Let us know by filling out this Google Survey (

*Important* You must register via the Eventbrite ( page as well.

Frederick Polgardy: Introduction to Babel
Babel lets you to use the JavaScript of the future right here in the present! In this talk, we'll explore what Babel is -- oh, it's a transpiler, what's that? -- and how you can use it on the command line, in the browser, and in your npm or yarn-based applications.

Brandon Phillips: Conversational Interfaces: Teaching Your App to Talk
Chatbots have been around for a long time but voice- and text-driven AIs -- think Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant -- are only just recently settling into our homes and smartphones and becoming an increasingly natural way users interact with web content. As developers, let's explore how we can leverage these platforms as a new kind of interface through which users can engage with the web apps we create.

*Important* You must register via the Eventbrite ( page as well.