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Every 3rd Wednesday of the month until September 17, 2019

Galvanize - Boulder

1023 Walnut Street · Boulder, CO

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On the corner of 9th/Pearl.


Welcoming all Javascripters! We hope you'll join us this month for some great talks!

**Frontend Authenticated Routing with react-router - Ken Hoff**

React-router is a pretty versatile and powerful library for frontend routing, but setting up redirects between authenticated routes (/my-account, /dashboard) and unauthenticated routes (/sign-in, /forgot-password) gets pretty tricky.

In this talk, we'll go over some fundamentals for using react-router, such as how to do nested components on multiple routes, the "render" and "children" Route props, and then dive deeper into how to compose custom, reusable AuthedRoutes, and UnauthedRoutes that work with your authentication system.

Ken Hoff builds scalable and personalized activity feeds as a Developer Advocate at

**Intro to FP, part 1½: Staying sane while working with failable computations - Jonathan Curran**

Failable computations are a part of everyday programming - e.g. input validation, xhr requests, file I/O, etc. Sequencing these types of computations becomes tricky when code paths diverge based on failure and success cases. During this session, we will explore a few FP patterns that can help us bring these diverging code paths under control so we can clearly reason about the flow of code.