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Every 3rd Wednesday of the month until September 17, 2019

Galvanize - Boulder

1023 Walnut Street · Boulder, CO

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Sanitas room, near the entrance


Welcome JavaScripters!

This month we have some great talks picked out for you. Hope to see you there!

TALK #1:
*Handling IoT products - How to Not Drown in Data Streams*

Using AWS and Node to handle streaming data from IoT devices across hundreds of users.

About Lisa: Lisa is currently the lead developer at ēdn, a mentor at Galvanize, and an engineer who believes in open-source collaboration. She contributes to projects that solve stagnating problems in health care and the human connection and is motivated by kick-ass people and technologies.

TALK #2:

Handling async events is hard. The typical solution is to use Promises, but that does not cover common situations like race condition between subsequent http requests. RxJS is a great library for handling streams of events in time, but it is not straightforward how to use it in Redux based React applications. Redux-observable is a simple library that brings power of RxJS into Redux. We will introduce basic concepts of RxJS and redux-observable and how it can be used in common situations, discuss the tradeoffs and caveats.

About Daniel (LinkedIn:
Daniel is software engineer at Vendavo in Denver, Colorado. He used to be backend developer writing C# and Java applications, but then he switched to frontend, because let’s face it: Modern JavaScript is the most exciting mainstream language these days. Daniel is also a humble but passionate student of functional languages like Clojure and Elm.