February Meetup: The State of JS (panel)

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JavaScript is an ever evolving programming language encompassing maturing and new frameworks, tools, and best practices. As a professional developer it can be difficult to discern where to invest your time. This panel of industry experts, Front-end Architect at Sendgrid, Steve Kinney and Developer Advocate at Firebase, David East, will help you sift through the noise so that you are at the top of your game for 2020 and the decade ahead.

In this panel you will learn:
• Prominent trends in JavaScript and how they affect the applications you are building
• How to “future-proof” your applications and align with modern best-practices
• Skills you can be sharpening now to set up for the JavaScript landscape of the future

After this panel, you will walk away knowing modern best-practices to “future-proof” your skill set in JavaScript 2020 and the decade beyond.

➤ Panelists
Steve Kinney: https://twitter.com/stevekinney
David East: https://twitter.com/_davideast

➤ Questions
QUESTIONS for the Panelists?
Please add your questions to the comments in this meetup for tweet @boulder_js during the event.