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Boulder JS
Boulder JS
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Cognizant Quick Left

902 Pearl Street · Boulder

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Sanitas room, near the entrance

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Welcome to 2018, JavaScripters! We hope you'll join us this month for some great talks!

**Structuring our Styled-Components with BEM -- Alan Smith**

You might think BEM and CSS-in-JS are at odds, but our team discovered a helpful pattern for harmonizing them. This structure allows us to keep our application organized and deliver a predictable and consistent UI across all our applications. This is one of the most exciting thing our team learned last year, and I think you’ll find a lot of great takeaways for you and your team!

**End to End Testing: The Game Has Changed -- Will Klein**

Testing our JavaScript apps has come a long way. For years we relied on Selenium Webdriver to automate browser testing from outside the browser. Now we can use tools like Cypress to interact from the same JavaScript runtime as our app, without relying on remote APIs, language bindings, or browser-specific drivers.

Let’s explore how Cypress created a new testing platform to enable an awesome developer experience. This includes “native” debugging and time travel capabilities. We’ll walkthrough using Cypress and how it all works, so we can deliver better, well-tested software.