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Journeys to Tantric Bliss - spring special - free or by donation - limited to 20

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Each gathering is unique tho the format is the similar because of all the different tantrikas that attend and contribute their energy, questions, so don't be afraid to attend more than never know who you might meet or what energetic opening might occur.

Learn what Tantra really is, what Sky Dancing Tantra is, which relationships in your life will change through a tantric practice. (Judith has worked with hundreds of people and discovered what you may consider unexpected results.)

How Tantra can turn up the volume on your intuition and change the way you make decisions forever.

And YES!, how, without losing any clothing in the classroom setting, Tantra can transform your s*x life.

Learn the 3 Keys to Bliss Expand your capacity for pleasure Experience ancient practices. Below is the link for the Handout for Opening the Inner Flute..good to practice alone...great to practice in our group.

Try it ...then come join us.

Have an opportunity to join an advanced practice group. Advanced Tantra Meetup group events announced at this gathering.