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"In the dimensions above time and space as we experience them here, all the heartaches and agonies and confusions of this earthly life have already been healed. You can get a glimpse of it. In fact, we get those glimpses all the time..." Eben Alexander, MD

WELCOME to Boulder Near Death & other Mystical Experiences (IANDS)Boulder County chapter of IANDS -- the International Association for Near-Death Studies in collaboration with Boulder BEES -- Boulder Emergent Explorers of the Sacred. If you are curious about Near Death Experiences (NDEs), Spiritually Transformative Experiences (STEs), Mystical Experiences,Out-of Body Experiences (OBEs), and Phenomena which cannot be fully explained by the prism of Western empirically related science, YOU have indeed, met your "tribe". We generally offer one meet-up per month -- sometimes in various locations and times around Boulder, but almost always on Sundays in the afternoons. Most of our get-togethers are free, but we do encourage you to go online and join IANDS.org. "Explore the Extraordinary", any donation is tax-deductible,

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THIS IS IT - Living a Surrendered Life with Nancy Grignon, NDEr,STEr, Time Lapse

Boulder Public Library - Meadows Branch

THIS IS IT: Living a Surrendered Life - - Nancy Grignon's Transformative Spiritual Experiences include her NDE at age 18, and later a life changing 4 hours of missing time that took her off planet Earth. The aftereffects of her experience include messages, 5D gifts, and numerous interactions with the Divine. Nancy welcomes your questions. www.nancygrignon.com Please join us on Sunday March 3 @ 1:30 pm - arrive early for the best seating.

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BEYOND 3D: Four (4) Colorado Women with Multi-Dimensional Gifts

Boulder Public Library - Meadows Branch

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