What we're about

This is a group for all open source software users and enthusiasts (Open Sorcerers) to get together and collaborate on how to grow and thrive using open source with governance and policies.

Who Should Attend: At times, we will be going deep into open source application development, we also want to make sure that we cover the business side of open source software. If you aren't a developer, don't worry! You will benefit from this meetup if you are: business strategist, IT engineer or management, product owner, Devops architect, developer, government official, etc. Please join us!

What are the Topics: We want this to be beneficial for everyone and would love your input. Let us know what is relevant to you within open source so we can find the experts and start the discussions! Some of the topics we have on the table are:

• CI/CD workflows and Devops with open source tools

• Security Best practices with open source tools

• Hybrid and Multicloud strategies with open source tools

• Managing ephemeral workloads mixed with static workloads leveraging OSS Tools

• Developing scalable applications with open source tools. Choosing the right tools for the job.

• Migrating from RHEL or other distributions with proprietary components to OSS (Centos, etc)

• Migrating from Oracle DB (and others) to open source databases.

• What can you do with open source tools, what can you not? What makes it OK for your strategy?

• What are the biggest risks with OSS, how can you mitigate them?

• AI/ML with Open source

We hope to organize and operate the group on democratic principles. More information to come soon! We are excited to collaborate and make this valuable!

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