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A TimeBank is like a cross between an alternative economy and the sharing economy. The alternative economy is separate from, and operates independently of, the traditional economy. The sharing economy (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sharing_economy) is a peer-to-peer market model based on collaborative sharing of goods and services, empowered through online marketplaces such as eBay, social lending, peer-to-peer accommodation, peer-to-peer travel experiences, car sharing and commute-bus sharing. TimeBanking could be considered to be part of either economic model.

Both of these economic models serve the needs of people and the public-good first, decreasing the ability of others to take advantage of people economically. They also engender a safer and more pleasant environment for both individuals and families to live within. Smaller, highly self-sufficient local economies, largely independent of the global economy, are more likely to survive economic reversals.

The Alternative/Sharing Economy in Boulder

To help alternative and sharing economies to grow and become successful in Boulder, we link people together through education, events, technology and social networks.

That's why we started this Meetup group as a place where people can come together to run and promote informational events about the alternative and sharing economies, timebanking (http://timebanks.org/what-is-timebanking/) and sustainability.

Please join our Meetup group today to receive notifications about these type of events.

If you're interested in hosting related events of your own, you may be able to use our Meetup group to schedule them.

Our Sponsor Is TimeBank Boulder

This Meetup is sponsored by TimeBank Boulder (http://www.skillsharenetwork.org/) (formerly SkillShare Network) Colorado's oldest and most successful timebank. TimeBank Boulder empowers individuals and nonprofit organizations to meet their needs without the need for cash in one-to-one exchanges and group projects.

By helping others in the TimeBank Boulder community, you earn TimeDollars that you can use in exchange for services you need from other TimeBank Boulder members. In TimeBank Boulder, everyone's time is equal, no matter what the service! We currently have about 130 active members in Boulder.

Belonging to our TimeBank allows you to help yourself, assist others, and stay outside of the conventional for-profit economy.

Our website: TimebankBoulder.org (http://timebankboulder.org)

Sign up for our enewsletter: E-Newsletter Signup (http://eepurl.com/b1Y5L9)

More about timebanking: Hourworld.org (http://hourworld.org/_FAQ.htm)

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TimeBank Crafters: Laugh and Craft! - ONLINE EVENT!

Online event

Join us for TimeBank Crafts and Laughs - ONLINE! Get to know others in our TimeBank Boulder community while working on your project. • What we'll do Jewelry-making, knitting, drawing, sewing, scrapbooking, mending, crocheting--anything you can do in front of zoom on your computer in your living room is welcome. Bring your holiday presents to wrap! Or get those holiday cookies made! Come for all or part of the time. Eat your snacks or dinner, if you like, too! We'll also share techniques, problem-solve, discuss ideas, or simply work on our own Unfinished Objects! • What to bring Yourself, whatever handicraft project you would like to work on, your dinner or snack, and topics for conversation! • Important to know Those who are skilled are happy to help teach knitting or crocheting. TimeBank members do NOT need to pay TimeDollars to attend this event! We also welcome individuals to participate who are interested in joining TimeBank Boulder! Come get to know us!

Introduction to TimeBank Boulder (Online)

Tod's Espresso Cafe

You are invited to become a member of TimeBank Boulder (formerly SkillShare)! We offer a variety of times and locations to make it easy for you to join. Here are the steps to becoming a member: 1) Go to our website at https://hourworld.org/bank/Join.php?hw=1069 and fill out and submit the online preliminary application. 2) RSVP 'Yes' to this meetup at least two days prior and send a message to Ashley with the date that you wish to attend. The annual fee is $20 for seniors and students and $10 for low-income. $35 otherwise. This is just an introduction and is a requirement to participate in the time bank. It should take 30-40 minutes of your time. Make sure that the speakers and microphone on your computer are enabled and turned up to a reasonable volume ahead of time. You will get the link in a message the evening before. Please note that if Sunday morning does not work for you, we can move it to Sunday afternoon instead. This presentation will be held over Zoom.

TimeBank Boulder Annual Meeting

Online event

Our annual meeting, this year to be held ONLINE VIA ZOOM. A great opportunity to interact with other members and, if you're not a member, to find out what TimeBank Boulder is about. Timebanking is a simple, social way to connect with others, swap and share skills and services, using time exchange instead of cash. Timebanking is open to individuals of all ages, abilities, employment status or mobility. TimeBank Boulder has been active in Boulder County and beyond for over a decade, bringing individuals and organizations together. We are open to new members in our unique, caring community. For more information visit http://www.timebankboulder.org. This annual celebration brings us all together to investigate the state of the TimeBank, elect our new Board, and get to know each other better. It is also where we bestow the Member of the Year Award. If you are a member of TimeBank Boulder, look for the link in your email, along with your ballot to vote for the 2021 Board of Directors.

Building your social capital/network and support community - ONLINE MEETING!

Is it self-sufficiency, sustainability, or emergency preparedness? This is the last of a series of meetings that will discuss the practicalities of a lifestyle without our customary conveniences. ONLINE VIA ZOOM! Building your social and support community is today's discussion topic, hosted by TimeBank Boulder's Events Coordinator, Jan DeCourtney. Simply put, social capital is the value derived from positive connections between people. Those relationships can create a sense of belonging or being connected to others. But it can also have value for the larger society: one can draw on it as a resource for accomplishing some objective; it establishes or sustains certain values or norms of behavior such as being honest, tolerant, caring, and trusting of others; and one’s network may be a source of information, such as where the best jobs are. Social capital leads to neighbors helping neighbors! Such as in a TimeBank! As individuals in our society we have to make a conscious choice to build social capital with those around us. We must take the time to form relational capital through trust and relationship building. We must make time to share and receive the cognitive capital we generate through conversation, and we must create bonds to build the structural capital that is needed to create institutions of good in our society. Having good relationships does not happen in isolation!!! Jan will lead the discussion sharing what she knows. Here are some things we can talk about: * What are ways that we can build social capital and a support network, as individuals? * What are ways we can build social capital and a support community, as a TimeBank? * How much time do we spend bonding with others and how much time do we spend avoiding others? * What are ways to bond with others to create lasting connections? * How can we encourage fellowship and mutual aid? * How can we make use of community resources? * How can we strengthen our local TimeBank? * Is this emergency preparedness, or is this for everyday life? Meetings will include some time for the sharing of offers and requests, the heart of TimeBanking. During a crisis, including a pandemic, community is very important and we encourage all TimeBank Boulder members to attend. There is no TimeDollar fee to attend this event. Let's strengthen our TimeBank! We invite people interested in joining TimeBank Boulder to attend. For more information, visit our websites at http://www.timebankboulder.org and http://www.hourworld.org.

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Introduction to TimeBank Boulder (Online)

Online event

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