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Reactive Extensions & Remote Automation with Windows Phone 7 -E.Z. Hart, MCPD

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Reactive Extensions for Windows Phone 7 makes asynchronous programming with REST services quicker and less painful. E.Z. Hart demonstrates how you can quickly and easily put together a custom lightweight web service you can install on a PC to control your system from your Windows Phone 7 phone - no IIS or WCF required. He'll take you start-to-finish through the process of creating a web server, creating a REST API, and creating an installer. He'll also walk you through creating a new Windows Phone 7 Silverlight project to consume the API. The end goal - using your phone as a remote control for iTunes.

E.Z. is an MCPD who started 14 years ago writing C++ applications for Windows 3.1, and has worked in every iteration (and language) of the Microsoft stack since. His primary focus, though, has been ASP.NET, Silverlight, and more recently, mobile applications."

1011 Walnut, 2nd Floor · Boulder, CO