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Monday Evening Kick Around
Come out play some soccer on Monday night. Fee: $3.00 Please bring cash to the game or send money via Venmo to @Pascal-Merz. For now this will stay as a pay in person or via venmo. If people do not pay we will switch this over to online payment only. So please bring the $$. Thanks! This primarily goes to covering the meetup fees so that we can continue this group and leave it open to everyone (no cap). This also goes towards maintaining our equipment (cones, poles, balls, etc.) This small meetup is regular, organized group with players committed to getting in a good run and playing cooperatively as they better their skills. We take RSVPs seriously because we try to keep games capped in order to avoid a giant mass of players. No shows create uneven teams and unpredictable turn-outs. Also please try to be on time, we do run out of light so the sooner we can get started, the longer we can play. Note: Sometimes people cancel just before the meetup and so you may get a spot a few hours before the game. Finally, when you come out to the games, come to have fun but play smart. We are a group of skilled players wanting to play and develop, but also love to have a good time. There is no required skill level. We are open to all players! Games will typically be played to a score of 5, then we take a water break and continue. Depending on the numbers we will consecutively play two small sided games (5v5 or 6v6) or one big game (10v10, 11v11)

Casey Middle School

1301 High Street · Boulder, CO


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Let's play the American sport of the future (as it's been since 1972)! Members of this group want to meet new players each week but enjoy playing with a core group of familiar players. Members also want to get a good run in, and even watch/discuss the highs and lows of the footballing world.

There is a small fee ($3/meetup). It's a small investment in having a well-run regular group, where you feel safe and invested in a good game, trust your fellow players, have teams equally divided for skill/position types, etc. The money gets invested right back into the group to cover the costs of, new (and freshly laundered) scrimmage jerseys, match balls, goals, and other equipment for the group.

We all come to meetups from different backgrounds and have different goals for these games. However, I believe the true essence of the sport is the pass.

"Passing is the act of generosity" - Arsene Wenger.

Be generous and make the game better. Come to these games to play with other people, not to prove anything to them.

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