Open Improv - Long Form

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Every week on Thursday

Price: $10.00 /per person
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This is a blast! All levels are welcome. This is not a class, though there will be some side coaching at times.

Audience is welcome.

Please do not be late. If you decide not to come, change your RSVP so that others may attend in your place.

What is Long Form? This explanation is from the Washington Improv Theater:

It's simple, really. Longform improvisation is making up scenes as you go along. That's it. While other forms rely on premises or games that are often looking for jokes, longform improvisation trusts the performers to do it all on their own, knowing they will help one another create a success story. Taking a single suggestion from the audience, longform improvisers will create around thirty minutes of made-up scenes. In teams (or troupes) of roughly two to ten people, the players believe that everyone on stage with them is a genius and that no mistake is ever made. Longform helps you create trust in yourself and everyone around you.

Del Close, the father of modern longform improv, said on his death bed, "We succeeded where others have failed. We created Theater of the Heart, a theater where people cherish each other to succeed onstage. Tell the students, Theater of the Heart." This mind set is how we approach comedy. If you can strip away any desire to tell a joke, you can create something funny that comes from truth. Comedy that comes from the heart. This is why longform stands out.