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Boulder Python, November 2016

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William "Ian" D. and 2 others


UPDATE: Sign up for the event at

UPDATE: Meetup is moving to Thursday November 10th, instead of Tuesday November 8th, to accommodate election day. (please go vote!)

Boulder Python would like to give a massive thank you to the Twitter Boulder office for committing their meetup space for the next six months! Next to arranging speakers, this is the hardest thing to get set up, and having a consistent meeting space was very important to us. We'd also like to thank the many dozens of you who helped us with our survey last month!

As we get started up again after a one-year hiatus, we're going to try our new format.

6:30pm, beginner's track:
Ian Douglas: Get started with Python by managing your Python environments on Mac using pyenv, homebrew, and virtual environments. May cover Windows 10 installation as well if there's time/interest.

7:00pm, reserved time for our Sponsors, meetup announcements, hiring announcements.

7:15pm, regular talks:

Matt Getty and Josh Montague: "Python at Twitter"
While engineering at Twitter is mostly JVM-based, Python also serves some important roles. In this talk, Matt Getty (Site Reliability Engineer, @aspen) will talk about Python's role in build tools and dependency management, and Josh Montague (Data Scientist, @jrmontag) will talk about its role in customer-facing analysis and modeling projects.

David Brazel: "Bokeh: Interactive Web Visualizations in Python"

Joe Stech: "Going serverless: how I select science fiction stories using AWS Lambda Python functions"


We can always use more volunteers to share a 15min-20min talk at future meetups. Contact Ian, Erin or Brett ASAP.

We have many people who are very interested in hearing about the following topics:

  • data processing (pandas, jupyter)
  • data visualization, plotting
  • personal projects that other attendees are building
  • desktop app development (Qt, wxWidgets, Kivy, etc)
  • framework-specific topics (Flask, Django, Mezzanine)
  • hosting platforms (App Engine/GCP, Azure, Heroku, etc)
  • development tools, advanced setups
  • testing tools (mocking libraries, Splinter/Selenium, etc)
  • package-specific talks (sqlalchemy, cartopy, etc)
  • web scraping (Requests, BeautifulSoup, etc)
  • parallel processing
  • lessons learned
  • IoT, Raspberry Pi, etc
  • automation topics like Mechanize, Ansible, Fabric
  • socket programming
  • static web site generators
  • devops/sysadmin/monitoring with Python
  • math-related topics such as SciPy, encryption
  • database-related topics
  • integrations with UI front end (handling ajax, jwt, etc)
  • effective project mgmt using GitHub
  • alternate Python versions (micropython, PyPy, cython)
  • this vs that topics (ie, "Flask vs Falcon")
1301 Walnut Street, FL 4 · Boulder, CO