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Sex in the City:How our Minds Make Up, Make Out..Spy on People at Bars...

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Sex in the City: How our Minds Make Up, Make Out, and What is going on up there?

Bars and Lounges are somewhere I go alot. But as a Dive Bar Host, I have seen it all, and heard even more I can't describe without a laugh out loud and maybe blushing.

But despite all the jokes about what organ is controlling all the sex in this city, we Bionic Pulsers know its the Brain! So Tonight we go to a local bar on an off night, where it is quiet, sip a Shirley Temple or a glass of wine if you wish and just chat and observe.

What we will be discussing:

How did we as a species survive with out Alcohol as a social lubricant?

Do we as humans need the dark to seduce or pursue our catch?

What does the loud music, noise, and distraction do to help/hurt our ability to find the right match?

Will technologies make the local bar obsolete?

Does any nightlife scene makes sense romantically? Why?

Time to come out of the dark Bionic Pulsers and take a few minutes to meet other members and talk about how in this world we think we can meet anyone, considering the technologies, economic forces, the environmental forces, and the chemical mix in our brains...

See you there...

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Chris Kaufman