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What we’re about

We're Los Angeles' Largest Cognitive Science Meetup Group!  Our members include scientists, students of science, doctors, a great variety of therapists, people interested in information that can lead to answers or therapies for cognitive disorders, and folks that are just plain interested in the fascinating worlds of cognitive science and consciousness.

Our mission is to offer the community the means for self-education through learning the latest scientific discoveries and ideas on brain health, the mind, and it's relation to our physiology and consciousness. We offer a wide variety of meetups within our subtopics. Events are posted as they arise in the community including a variety of outside lecture series sponsored by other groups. These often feature a specific theme per season, so stay tuned for your particular interest from season to season.

Our focal interests lie in anything science-based to new cutting-edge ideas that enter into the realms of neuroscience, biochemistry and biology, physiology, evolution, and psychology to notions around consciousness involving physics and metaphysics. Since all these subtopics may give rise to human understanding and conscious expansion, we hold meetups for them even if the context may not be directly brain related, and maintain the possibility that this kind of educational and edifying information may one day be scientifically interconnected. Consciousness is a wide topic, therefore we welcome into our consideration a wide variety of approaches. Our goal is to bring in concepts and ideas that cause us to look beyond our known bounds, into the realms of viable possibilities.

Our inquiries into brain health and the mind naturally give cause to ponder the notions of consciousness and its relation to our well-being as individuals and as a society. We join the centuries old debate on the various theories, ideas and notions around consciousness which has proven that there are many, or perhaps more accurately, no clear definition of it. As we delve into the countless avenues on this subject, we enter into the worlds of physics, quantum physics and metaphysics, compelled to consider the expression of expansion beyond human survival and instinctive needs and reactions.

There are many topics to explore, so come join us on this fascinating journey

of understanding the Brain and Consciousness.


Sharing Information:

We invite you to post information you want to share on the Message Board section under the Discussion heading. We welcome book, article, video and site links, or any good information relating to any of our subtopics. Please try to post your links under the Specific Headings provided at the top for such posts. There is so much information out there that may be of benefit to people’s work or personal lives. Share what you know and help expand our understanding.


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