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Breathwork clears and purifies your body on a cellular level from past traumas, blocks and damage, declutters your mind, opens your heart, strengthens your physical and spiritual core, allows you to love yourself and to love others. Breathwork is conductive in healing physical and psychological issues, it's indispensable for permanent healing of anxiety, mood swings and depression.

Breathwork is an excellent adjunct and catalyst to every holistic and spiritual practice, traditional or alternative medicine, and to therapy.

Breathwork brings about profound and lasting experience of connecting with your own self and with the Source. It takes you on the deep inner journey, beginning with your recent experiences -- to the realms of your higher Self , from your recent to your more distant past. Breathwork is a conduit that connects you with your essence and life purpose.

Ruach HaKodesh, prana, lifeforce. Every ancient spiritual tradition refers to the healing power of Breath in the highest spiritual terms. Power that heals, force that connects us to our authentic selves and to Creator, conduit, Divine Inspiration that enlivens and invigorates our existence, and gives it meaning.

Breathwork is an unique and fast way to enhance meditative states, heighten spiritual experiences and foster own advancement. Breathwork is essential tool for personal growth and transformation, self-healing, physical and psychological alignment with the higher levels of our soul. As such, breathwork is immensely potent in changing our lives.

Breathwork is conductive in physical, emotional and psychological healing. It renews your body, supports your healthy intentions and life habits, and empowers your life resolutions. It leads you towards completion and fulfillment in your life. Breathwork liberates you from internal and external dependencies, and sets you free.

In our groups and individual sessions we practice Conscious Connected Breathwork, a modality stemmed from Rebirthing Breathwork developed by legendary founder of the method Leonard Orr.

Some information about Breathwork and how it weaves into traditional therapies and daily life:

Rebirthing Breathwork International http://rebirthingbreathwork.com/

Official website of Leonard Orr, the founder of Rebirthing, or Conscious Connected Breathwork method: http://www.leonardorr.com/

CONSCIOUS ENERGY BREATHING – THE BREATH OF LIFE by Leonard Orr http://rebirthingbreathwork.com/2015/10/31/... (http://rebirthingbreathwork.com/2015/10/31/conscious-energy-breathing-the-breath-of-life-by-leonard-orr/) -- excerpt: “God breathed into man’s nostrils and man became a living soul.”
In 1974, a person named Leonard D. Orr discovered the healing power of the Breath of Life and how to teach the ability to breathe Divine Energy to others in ten two hour guided breathing energy cycles. The cycle time is not determined by the breathing guide, but by God, the Source of the Breath of Life. Since then, over ten million people have done ten guided breathing sessions and mastered the simple ability to breathe Energy. The people who have this ability and use it daily, tell us that it is the most valuable self-healing skill they have ever learned.

Insights from one of the most prominent Breathwork masters, Dan Brule: REBIRTHING HOW TO’S AND WHAT NOT’S -- THE HOW TO’S AND WHAT NOT’S OF REBIRTHING http://www.breathmastery.com/rebirthing-how-tos-and-what-nots/

Breathwork as a Treatment for Addiction? https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/coming-clean/201510/breathwork-treatment-addiction (https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/coming-clean/201510/breathwork-treatment-addiction)

Breathe Project says teaching students to breathe correctly 'as important as reading' http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-09-28/breathe-project-says-teaching-students-to-breathe-important/7831054

The Breathing Classroom Group Page (https://www.facebook.com/BreathworkInSchools/?__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARCRp-KWkyY6CwgjzOrk3z-r0LPfc8wLvRsiOR6tJRHk5KcoZW5c0LsdnGznrUA_NxzuZUwI5eYrV5KPOLZLSUyt9xjwvPslbuxWJqPykX5qB9O_KVdHNWQOA2D4AL1iJsrZ_lBHIqRR9yrpF0othCCRV9pV1KgDOEwivl8gLFFNMcoT9YXmwwL5HlEbV65tK5_Bl-sJPVrZhBggiWLpqTrrGZysSkp2KlT0X94cRCrj97YLkfIT8_RrY4owpu8fU3EOxm_9-jtO0jdrNwOAh9OQdUTaDZOeMu7rUNXQbXBAXcehJdIzocxxmU330IeLJKwApzKfMIGWF7364oJR-zg&__xts__%5B1%5D=68.ARDJkCBvLzw8BSKc9nJSoNZv6-mH1Nuqd0AzpjnA_5Z42D9TsOjMrAj4hWNG_NJjXYYXXP3qNLuuY3nt0pLtYbwcbVKXEWAn31qjBkIb6gKdPIbduhlEg9uTdSusIzx2S74GEDlk-qW2RCdNie0Vo21f9vAvDXDa3pr83EVaaqjuRZkOhifCjwqa7JEhLEJTJ0o02h7T9NNWvfN89kBBCdos08hs6_mzpYq368YDgagOn5LR3VRhy0Q-URER5DXtTtWSGzp6mFoyvG1D9CNXsMqvSaErS0rcf7hOqCMp5xdDwv3xNAZ0n6HzWrkjYLZFOgy9gy_tnqEtcEefwStVuk0&__tn__=kC-R&eid=ARCtvyP1g4VApipoVLca82qKKxgcANtaBCZTqe5WHjPXVFUlCaH2MpAF6zuPasaN6jfUmPAFxJgxQUEz&hc_ref=ARSJkleIH69tbwwn0iOXNHMXBU2CX0o8cL5tiK0jWRFu8dfE1vbwC0a656j9ziGYDTc&fref=nf) https://www.facebook.com/BreathworkInSchools/posts/382501959038428

Breathwork for Clearing Trauma from the Body http://upliftconnect.com/breathwork-for-cle... (http://upliftconnect.com/breathwork-for-clearing-trauma/)


Rebirthing, Conscious breathwork, Connected breathwork, Energy breathwork all are contemporary names for the ancient breathing technique -- an amazing gift that humans used for self-healing, elevation, for achieving expanded states of consciousness and enlightenment since times immemorial.

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Soulful Connections Virtual Session

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Love In The Time Of Corona

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